Forex Trading Managed Uk

Forex trading managed uk

Forex trading managed uk

We are a small boutique investment firm, specialized in Forex, that offers managed trading accounts for international accredited investors.

As a client, you will open and fund your account with a broker of your choice that offers either the MT4 or MT5 trading platforms.

Once this is done you will sign our Letter of Authorization containing our Management Agreement providing us with ‘Trade Only’ access to your trading account.

We only charge based on performance – we don’t charge monthly management fees.

Forex trading managed uk

Clients can opt-out at any time simply by changing their MT4/MT5 password which will instantly disconnect from our system. For more details about the programs we offer, please visit our Investment Options page.

What are LEFTURN Accounts?

These are accounts opened by our clients with their preferred broker, and connected to one of our master accounts where trades are copied via our secured in-house proprietary technology.

This allows clients complete peace of mind knowing their accounts are fully secured with their choice of reputable broker.

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With a LEFTURN Account, the Trader (LEFTURN Inc.) will only have “Trade Only” permissions and will never have direct access to client funds.

Our clients maintain full control over deposits and withdrawals directly with your broker.

For more details regarding our Investment Programs, visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.