Bollinger Bands Trading Binary

Bollinger bands trading binary

Available on ALL financial markets

We generate our spectacular analysis on all tradable symbols and financial markets

Precise and accurate pattern

Through our high tech, well programmed and automated system, the most accurate pattern can be detected timely

Modified and enhanced format

Our well-educated and highly experienced R&D team develops and enhances detection conditions for perfect and highly credible outcome

Advanced wave detection

By applying advanced integrated control module, our wave detection system indicates waves precisely

Reversal and continuation

Our developed algorithm can detect both reversal and continuation signals form Bollinger Bands strategy

Valid and substantiated signal

Valid and reliable trading signals from Bollinger Bands indicator with high prosperity

Combined mood

Our professional R&D team has developed algorithms, comprised of unmatched RSI and Stochastic indicators plus sound Candlestick pattern detector, in which Divergence/Convergence is considered to be utilized on our unrivaled Bollinger Bands signal generator

Accessible through Mobile App

Our technical team has developed application for both iOS and Android cell phones and tablets

Attainable via Desktop App (Linux and Windows)

Desktop application can be executed on Linux and Windows operating systems

Real-time notifications and online updates

Our high tech system delivers the generated signals instantly.

Any update on generated signals will be provided promptly

Variable Pips

Our technical analysis can be exploited for various trading methods with different TP and SL prices

Timely alert

Immediate alert will be generated just after Entry Price is touched


We provide our developed Bollinger Bands strategy on all available time frames

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