Best Option Warm A Small Room

Best option warm a small room

Best option warm a small room

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Waking up in the morning and beginning that torturous journey to the bathroom only to find an ice cold floor there to greet you. Chances are, the freezing bathroom can sometimes have you hiding under the sheets dreading the minute your alarm clock is set to sound off.

Option 2: Buy a vented "stand alone system"

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but this is the feeling that a cold bathroom can give you.

Heating the entire house is not always a feasible option when you consider rising utility costs. How then, are we to keep ourselves comfortable during the approaching fall and winter seasons?

A DIY Tiny House Heater

Well, we have several inexpensive ideas that you can try out! The best method may depend on your personal living circumstances and the climate you live in.

Infrared Lamp

Infrared lamps, aka heat lamps, are an excellent source of heat that is relatively simple and easy to install.

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Heat lamps typically utilize 250W incandescent light bulbs that have the ability to produce infrared radiation. When standing directly under one of these bulbs, it will feel like beaming sunrays on a warm summer day (imagine that).

These small bulbs are surprisingly effective at providing a satisfying level of warmth.

While the parts are inexpensive, you may need to hire an electrician or handyman to run a power line from your bathroom to your homes electrical panel.

Best option warm a small room

Aside from this initial installation costs, a heat lamp is the most inexpensive way to get set up a heating system for a small bathroom without blowing your budget!

Towel Warmer/Space Heater

Towel warmers are a luxurious accessory to any bathroom, offering a toasty warm embrace after every bath or shower. However, many homeowners also use towel warmers as a secondary heating source for their bathrooms because they deliver effective heat in style.

Small Room Air Conditioners

Two types of towel warmers are available: electric and hydronic.

Electric towel warmers can be easily plugged into a 120-volt circuit or outlet, depending on if they are hardwired or plug-in. This convenience makes them a great option when upgrading a bathroom. Plus, they’re very affordable.

Best option warm a small room

At WarmlyYours electric towel warmers start at $149, with the most expensive model being $499. You can also find a wide range of styles to suit your design needs. WarmlyYours electric towel warmers are available in a modern freestanding model, a sleek 10-bar model, a stylish serpentine model, and more. If you’re seeking a hardwired or plug-in towel warmer that fits into your bathroom vision and budget, a plethora of options are available to you.

Hydronic space heaters share a very similar radial tubing construction, but the heating process works a bit differently.

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As the name hints, hydronic heaters run hot water throughout the hollowed tubing to generate heat. Hydronic heaters are the most efficient sources of heat but initial installation costs can be a bit hefty.

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Being that they can require you to connect your space heater to your homes water heater, installation can be quite cumbersome and necessitate the help of a professional contractor.

On the plus side, hydronic heaters have been praised for their ability to naturally reduce moisture, humidity, and also prevents mildew!

Radiant Floor Heating

Is your bathroom giving you cold feet? Radiant floor heating uses the same concept as towel warmers to heat your bathroom from the floor up.

Using either electrically heated coils or water-heated tubing, radiant floor heating can be patterned underneath your bathroom flooring to heat up the room and those cold tiles!

Because the required materials are relatively inexpensive, we recommend installing radiant heated floors when you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with a luxurious touch.

Of course, if you’re working with new construction, you should also keep radiant heating top of mind so that you can easily lay the heated cables without having to remove any existing flooring.

Towel Warmer/Space Heater

In either case, radiant heat can offer you and your guests an added luxury that they can feel working right under their feet.

To add to the convenience of installation, WarmlyYours offers electric radiant heating mats and cables in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit any room layout.

Additional Tips

Before you get started, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that exterior walls, ceilings, and flooring are properly insulated to avoid “chasing your tail.” Seal any cracks that may be allowing hot air to escape.

If you don’t insulate the room to be air-tight, your money is literally “slipping through the cracks.” Be sure to do this before you implement any additional heating sources. Insulation is the first and primary step to fighting the cold in your bathroom!

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Best option warm a small room

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