Forex Christmas Trading Hours 2020

LIVE Forex Trading- NY Session 16th January 2020

Please, be advised that changes have been made in the trading schedule in the period of Christmas - from December 24, 2019 to December 26, 2019. Please, note that due to low liquidity and high volatility on the market in the specified period of time, an increase of spreads in all traded instruments is possible.

Forex, Metals, EnergyEarly close at 20:00 (EET)Trading closedLate opening at 06:00 (EET)
USDRUBUsual scheduleTrading closedUsual schedule
AUS200Early close at 05:30 (EET)Trading closedTrading closed
JPN225, NAS100, US500Early close at 20:00 (EET)Trading closedTrading closed
EUSTX50, FRA40, GER30, UK100, SPA35, HK50Trading closedTrading closedTrading closed
Cryptocurrency CFDsEarly close at 20:00 (EET)Trading closedLate opening at 06:00 (EET)

Starting December 27th 2019, all instruments will be available for trading as usual.

Sincerely yours,
ForexChief Team

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