When Did Changyou Limited Did The Ipo

When did changyou limited did the ipo

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You should read the following summary together with the entire prospectus, including the more detailed information regarding us, the ADSs being sold in this offering, and our financial statements and related notes appearing elsewhere in this prospectus.


We are a leading online game developer and operator in China as measured by the popularity of our game Tian Long Ba Bu, or TLBB. TLBB, which was launched in May 2007, was ranked by International Data Corporation, or IDC, for 2007 as the third most popular online game overall in China and the second most popular online game in China among locally-developed online games.

We engage in the development, operation and licensing of our massively multi-player online role-playing games, or MMORPGs, which are interactive online games that may be played simultaneously by hundreds of thousands of game players.

When did changyou limited did the ipo

We currently operate two MMORPGs, TLBB, which we developed in-house, and Blade Online, or BO, which we licensed from a third party. For the three months ended December 31, 2008, we had approximately 1.8 million active paying accounts, which refers to the number of accounts from which game points are utilized for the purchase of virtual items at least once during a given period, for TLBB and approximately 159,000 active paying accounts for BO.

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TLBB is a martial arts game with 2.5D graphics. In May 2007, the month of its launch, TLBB’s peak concurrent users surpassed 400,000, and its quarterly peak concurrent users for the fourth quarter of 2008 was approximately 738,000. In March 2009, its peak concurrent users exceeded 800,000.

When did changyou limited did the ipo

TLBB is adapted from the popular Chinese martial arts novel “Tian Long Ba Bu,” which means “Novel of Eight Demigods,” written by the famous writer Louis Cha.

Millions of copies of his novels have been sold in numerous languages, and they have been adapted into various movies and television series. To leverage the success of TLBB, we licensed the game to third-party operators to operate the game in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

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We have three new MMORPGs in the pipeline, including the Duke of Mount Deer, or DMD, Immortal Faith, or IF, and the Legend of the Ancient World, or LAW. DMD, which we are developing in-house, is also based on a popular martial arts novel written by Louis Cha.

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We have licensed IF and LAW from third parties. We expect to begin open beta testing of IF and DMD in the second and fourth quarters of 2009, respectively, and of LAW in early 2010.

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Sohu.com Inc., our controlling shareholder, has operated a leading Chinese Internet portal, Sohu.com, since 1998. Sohu had more than 250 million registered accounts as of December 31, 2008.

When did changyou limited did the ipo

We have benefited from Sohu’s strong brand recognition in China, large user base and pre-launch game review services. Sohu’s trusted brand name in China provides us with a broad marketing reach. By marketing across Sohu’s web domains and taking advantage of the Sohu Group’s single-user ID system that provides easy access to our games, we believe we have been able to tap into Sohu’s large user base to drive new users to our games.

Sohu’s experienced game editors review and critique our games prior to launch, thereby improving the quality of our games.

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We intend to continue to leverage our relationships with Sohu in the development, marketing and operation of our games.

We operate our current games under the item-based revenue model, meaning game players can play our games for free, but may choose to pay for virtual items, which are non-physical items that game players can purchase and use within an MMORPG, such as gems, pets, fashion items, magic medicine, riding animals, hierograms, skill books and fireworks, to enhance the game-playing experience.

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Game players purchase prepaid game cards or game points, which are used to purchase virtual items. Most of our virtual items are priced between less than $0.01 and $2.20.

When did changyou limited did the ipo

However, unit prices of certain virtual items can be as high as approximately $180. We sell our prepaid game cards to approximately 100 regional distributors throughout China, who in turn sub-distribute them to numerous retail outlets, including Internet cafes and various websites, news stands, software stores, book stores and retail stores.