Whats The Best Overnight Care Option For Your Pet

Whats the best overnight care option for your pet

Whats the best overnight care option for your pet

When shopping around for pet sitting options, it is tempting to look at the price of 3 daily drop in visits versus overnight services and decide that drop-ins are the better value. But let’s break that down into numbers that give you a better idea of which option gives you the most for your money.

The Math: How Overnight Pet Sitting Adds Up to a Better Deal

The standard 30-minute visit 3 times daily (breakfast, mid-day, and night) will average $20 per visit in the Topsail area.

Whats the best overnight care option for your pet

Your pets will be covered for the day for around $60 daily, not including extra pet fees (average $5 per additional pet). To contrast, our Tail Wagger overnight package is $93 (a 12-hour overnight stay and 30-minute mid-day visit).

While it may seem a no-brainer to select the $60 option, let’s break down what you and your precious pups are getting for those hard-earned dollars.

Drop-in Pet Sitting Average Rate Per Hour

3 30-minute visits per day equals 1.5 hours of quality time your pet sitter will provide your pets with each day.

Your rate breaks down to $40 per hour.

Overnight Pet Sitting Average Rate Per Hour

With an overnight sit, your pup will receive 12.5 hours of companionship and care.

Whats the best overnight care option for your pet

At a fee of $93, this breaks down to $7.44 per hour. We charge $5 extra per additional pet. If you have two dogs, your rate per hour is $7.84 per hour.

Yes, some of the time will presumably be snooze time, so just for fun, let’s factor out the sleep time and see what the value per hour is.

Whats the best overnight care option for your pet

Let’s imagine that your dogs love to get their 8 hours of beauty rest, and your sitter gives up on the ball game and snuggles down with them. That leaves 4.5 hours of active play and companionship. The cost per hour is still a great deal less, coming in at $20.66 per hour, almost 1⁄2 the fee per hour of drop-in visits.

Overnight Pet Sitting Offers a Better Value for the Entire Pet Family

With the extra pet fees most services charge, those drop-in visits are not such a great value at all.

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In fact, if you have more than 2 pets, you may end up paying $75 or more for only an hour and a half of time spent with your dogs each day.

Hidden Bonuses of Overnight Sitting

Consider also the theft deterrent value of having someone stay overnight in your home, along with incalculable value of keeping your best buddies safe and happy, and you’ll realize the overnight pet sitting is a much better option for your animals.

Your plants will be much happier, too, since there will be someone there to make sure they are watered.

Your Pets’ Wellbeing is Priceless

I had a dream in which I owned two extremely valuable cars. In the dream, a man walked up to me and told me to take care of those vehicles.

10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Busy While You're Away

He said they were worth much more than I was renting them out for. When I woke, I knew the dream was about our overnight packages, the Tail Wagger and the Dog Gone Great Staycation, and that the message was that our overnight services were just as priceless as your pups.

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