What Are The Symbols For Binary Options

What are the symbols for binary options

Gender symbols are graphic designs that represent a gender, such as the Venus symbol for female, and Mars symbol for male. Symbols for nonbinary gender identities explore variations on these.


This page gives an incomplete list of symbols for gender identities.

Symbols based on Venus/Mars paradigm[edit | edit source]

Like the Venus and Mars symbols for the binary genders, these designs have a large, central circle, just with different prongs, angles, or other details.

What are the symbols for binary options

These designs may also use other astrological symbols.

Binary gender symbols[edit | edit source]

These are the basic symbols of the binary genders.

Symbol Description Unicode
The Venus symbol, for women.

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Depicts the handmirror or distaff of the Roman goddess of love. Alchemical symbol for copper.

U+2640 ♀
The Mars symbol, for men. Depicts the shield and spear of the Roman god of war. Alchemical symbol for iron.

U+2642 ♂

Transgender symbols[edit | edit source]

The transgender symbol has a combination of female, male, and mixed symbols.

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Symbol Description Unicode
The transgender symbol. A mix of female (Venus), male (Mars), and androgyne (Venus and Mars mixed). This symbol was designed in the 1990s by Holly Boswell, Wendy Parker, and Nancy R.

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Nangeroni. A specific version-- blue, with rounded line ends, on a lavender triangle-- belongs to Nangeroni, but otherwise the symbol belongs to none and can be used freely.[1]

U+26A7 ⚧
Transfeminism symbol, combining the transgender symbol with the feminism symbol (a Venus symbol containing a fist of power).

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Transgender equality symbol.

Androgyne symbols[edit | edit source]

There are several common symbols that don't have clearly defined meanings, and may refer to several different gender identities.

Symbol Description Unicode
Symbol for a mix of female (Venus) and male (Mars).

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Intersex or transgender. Botanical symbol for hermaphrodite.

U+26A5 ⚥
Androgyne, intersex, or other gender symbol.

Made from female (Venus) and male (Mars) symbols.

Gender symbols

Can point other directions, but meanings of this aren't agreed upon. Also the alchemical symbol for iron sulfate.

U+26A8 ⚨ or U+26A6 ⚦ or U+26A9 ⚩

Nonbinary gender identity symbols[edit | edit source]

These are symbols for specific nonbinary gender identities. Listed in alphabetical order.

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More identity symbols[edit | edit source]

These symbols are for identities that aren't always seen as nonbinary gender identities, or sometimes even as gender identities. Listed in alphabetical order.

What are the symbols for binary options

Symbol Description Unicode
Eunuch symbol.

A male (Mars) symbol, modified.

Gallae gender symbol, by Laura Anne Seabrook.

What are the symbols for binary options

Based on the female (Venus) symbol, but also an alchemical symbol for sulfur (representing a fire triangle on a cross of earth)

U+1F70D 🜍
Intersex symbol, the astrological symbol for Earth. U+1F728 ⴲ
Mercury symbol, used for intersex people.

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Botanical symbol for hermaphrodite. Depicts the staff of the Roman messenger god, based on the caduceus (below).

U+263F ☿
Caduceus, depicting the two copulating snakes Tiresias saw before the gods turned him into a woman. Historically used for androgyny and intersex people, and the basis for the Mercury symbol (above).
Gender questioning symbol.

The circle of the female (Venus) and male (Mars) symbols, but instead of their prongs, a question mark shape.

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Other kinds of gender symbols[edit | edit source]

Some gender symbols aren't based on the Venus and Mars symbols. This can be an intentional choice for those who don't like Venus and Mars symbolism, or to get farther away from the gender binary.

Symbol Description Unicode
In 1996, Raphael Carter proposed that this ambiguous geometric shape called the Necker Cube be a symbol for androgynes, "because it is either concave or convex depending on how you look at it."[3][4]
In some kinds of family tree diagrams (genograms or pedigrees), a triangle is a symbol for a person whose gender is unknown.

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It's also for fetuses that were miscarred, or were not yet born when the genogram was drawn. This is as opposed to squares (male) and circles (female).

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A rhombus is a botanical symbol for a plant of unknown sex, as well as a family tree symbol for a person of unknown sex.

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