What Are The Best Options For Product Advertising

What are the best options for product advertising

Options of Promotion and Advertising

by Mira Vlach on February 19, 2008:

Summary: This article brings the overview of the most common means of promoting your products. After reading this, you should be able to reevaluate your promotion and broaden it by means of advertising you have not used so far.

How to use this list

Choosing suitable means of promotion and advertising is important marketing decision within any company.

What are the best options for product advertising

What is the best way to communicate with your existing and future customers? Well, you will not find a clear answer here.

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However, this article may help you a lot with the initial choice of media. Please note, that the list is not exhaustive.

It is also necessary to keep in mind, that this article may help only with the choice of media for your communication. In marketing, the communication is only the means, not the goal itself.

What are the best options for product advertising

Before choosing, you should have a clear idea about what message you want to send. If you were to receive 10 million € for your campaign right now, would you now what you'd like to say to all the people you could reach?

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If you are not sure about this, take your time first to think about what is so special about you that could interest people. You may find my earlier simple guide to advertising management helpful.

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Also, before you advertise, you should already have an accessible product that is able to compete.

The Internet

Though probably the newest medium, Internet has been getting more and more used and widespread. With growing computer literacy, it is becoming a first-choice place for getting information and choosing a supplier or business partners.

What are the best options for product advertising

How to make yourself visible here?

  • Your website – almost everybody has it, but only a few use it as a strong marketing tool, which it really is.
  • Paid placement in search engines and directories
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising (i.e.

    Google AdWords)

  • Submitting site to directories for free
  • Other link-building
  • Banners and other similar ad formats

Note: The activities to improve your position in search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) are generally called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Print (Press and Publishing)

Though the rise of electronic media is often mentioned with the decline of classic press, it remains a significant means of promotion.

Because the price of national press tends to be too high, you may be more interested in using regional or vocational media.

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Yellow pages etc.
  • Ads in specialised books and other publications


Radio is another of the traditional media.

Compared with the print, it is usually cheaper (regarding the amount of listeners) then the press, but you need to repeat the ad several times for listeners to remember it.

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There is often only a limited amount of traditional radio stations – each with a licence for certain frequency. Next to these, there are numbers of Internet radio stations.


I will skip over the ads in television. Those of you who will want to pay for TV ads will probably not do so on the basis of an Internet article. However, smaller advertisers may consider using a regional or cable TV channel.

So you’re ready to market your CBD products.

The rise of Internet video sites such as video.google.com or www.youtube.com may also represent alternatives for advertising.

Outdoor advertising

By outdoor advertising I mean mostly ways how to reach people while they are both out of work and out of home – basically, they are outside.

  • Billboards, bigboards, ad panels
  • Ads on buildings
  • Seats , benches, signs and posters
  • Bus stations etc.
  • Public transport: buses, trams, tube (both inside the cars and from the outside)
  • Shopping centres, cinemas
  • Handouts, leaflets

Direct marketing

There exist specialised companies, which are able to sell you contacts for your desired target audience.

You may also get the contacts yourself with the use of the Internet. However, this form of marketing is often regulated by law and is sensitively perceived by customer. Therefore, extra care is advised in order to not to make people angry and intrude their privacy.

  • Direct mail
  • Business emails (watch out not to produce Spam, the definition of which depends on local laws)
  • Telemarketing

Business gifts and bonuses for customers

Branded gifts (items) are a suitable way to help forming a long-term bond between you and the beneficiary.

Ideally, the gift would be for a long-lasting and useful.

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The price of such an item may vary greatly depending on the importance of the beneficiary.

  • Gifts
  • Customer competitions
  • Events for customers

Public relations (PR) and social marketing

Many smaller companies are used to communicate only with their customers.

But the opinion of general public is also very important.

What are the best options for product advertising

Negative publicity may damage your image while positive perception of your company can bring you new loyal customers. Even a monopoly corporations do promote themselves to improve their image, have more satisfied employees and to get public support for possible change of laws etc. Next to this, positive recommendations and free positive publicity may in certain conditions replace paid advertisement.

  • Press release
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising throughout your own products
  • Expertise, innovations and leadership in your subject field
  • Good reputation
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Catchy news that spread among people by itself
  • Publishing


The categories outlined above are not to be taken very seriously.

What are the best options for product advertising

They are used mostly just to make the list well-arranged. The following items are a bit difficult to sort into the categories.

  • Exhibitions
  • Free samples
  • Membership in professional associations
  • Promotion at the Point-of-sale
  • Newsletter for clients
  • Representative company's fleet (promotion on cars etc.)

What is missing

As I mentioned before, the list is not exhaustive.

It is because of its nature.

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You can always invent something new. On the other hand, a new fancy name for a currently hyped category of marketing does not necessarily guarantee success for your business. In my point of view, it is mostly consistency in marketing and a strong vision and mission that works well for your promotion.

The article omits namely this:

  • Corporate design and corporate identity
  • Customer care
  • Distribution strategies
  • How to choose and compare media at this list
  • The response to the demand (the art of selling)

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