Sbi Ipo Price Today

Sbi ipo price today

Sbi ipo price today

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Wow, what a month it is.

We are witnessing one IPO after another in September 2017. Primary markets and secondary markets i.e. greymarket is on fire. No body is looking at the fundamentals, all IPOs have premium price whether they are good or not.

About SBI Life Insurance IPO :

Investors are gambling. Those IPOs which experts say avoid also gets oversubscribed by 18 times these days. It’s greed, pure greed to make some money quickly in a legal way.


It’s not bad, We are not saying that it is bad making money in a legal way. But it can be risky. Greed can be risky. Investors must look at the fundamentals of the company before applying.

Objectives of the issue :

All the IPOs which are coming to market these days are overpriced. Some of the IPOs are only Offer for Sale, but investors do not want to see anything. They are going to apply. They do not think that these shares will be available at the cheap prices a few months later.

Sbi ipo price today

But who cares. No body cares.

Applied therapeutics ipo date

Gambling is an addiction. Especially, people of Gujarat, they love taking risks, they have all the money.


SBI Life IPO greymarket Premium

So, State Bank of India backed SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd is in the market to make some money via an IPO.

The IPO of SBI Life will open on 20 September 2017 and it will close on 22 September 2017. Everyone wants to know the greymarket price of SBI Life Insurance IPO.

SBI Home Finance Ltd.

Well, we will tell you the GMP of SBI Life on our website. Our site’s name is greymarket, so it is our job and duty to tell our readers every thing about the latest IPO. Let’s check some details about the SBI Life IPO.

  • Name of the company: SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd
  • IPO Price Band: Rs. 685 – Rs.

    SBI Life shares slip below IPO price


  • Open on: 20 September 2017
  • Close on: 22 September 2017

SBI Life IPO Allotment Status

SBI Life Insurance IPO GMP

SBI Life Insurance wants to raise Rs.

8,400 crores from the market and it has set the IPO price band in the range of Rs. 685 – Rs. 700.

SBI Life Insurance IPO opens today, analysts recommend long-term subscription

The IPO has started functioning in the grey market before the price band was announced by the company. The current greymarket rate of SBI Life Insurance IPO is Rs. 60 to 90 and the Kostak rates are Rs. 800.

The issue, which was sold on September 20-22, was subscribed 3.58 times.

Let’s have a look at the daily grey market premium of SBI Life IPO at the given area.

DatePremiumKostak RateSauda
13 September 2017Rs. 66 to 70Rs. 1050—-
14 September 2017Rs.

60 to 90

Rs. 800—-
15 September 2017Rs.

SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd IPO (SBI Life Insurance IPO) Detail

36 to 40

Rs. 650—-
18 September 2017Rs. 25Rs. 500—-
19 September 2017Rs. 25 to 30Rs. 525—-
20 September 2017Rs.

Sbi ipo price today

25 to 27

Rs. 475—-
22 September 2017Rs. 25Rs.

Sbi ipo price today


27 September 2017Rs. 5Rs. 475—-
28 September 2017Rs.

State Bank of India


Rs. 475—-
29 September 2017Rs. 40Rs. 700—-

28th September 2017 – The price is going up and the current price is Rs. 40 as on 29 September 2017. It should be a good listing.

28th September 2017 – The grey market price was steady from last 05 to 06 days at Rs. 05 but it went up to Rs.

Bandhan bank ipo story

15 on 28 September 2017.

grey market price of SBI Life Insurance IPO

As those who are familiar with the process, these grey market rates will be changed on daily basis according to the demand and the conditions of the market. So, it is necessary for the investors to check the prices daily. We display daily rates on the main page of our website but if you want to check the historical prices then you must visit this page.

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO (SBI Cards IPO) Detail

This page will give you an idea about the price fluctuations and ups and down. So, we advise you to watch this space regularly. Investors can also give their feedback in the comments section of this page.

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