Non Binary Online Shopping

Non binary online shopping

#HERFashion Week is a time for us to feature a few amazing brands that will have you online shopping for hours.

Tomboy Clothing

 In honor of New York Fashion Week, we decided to feature brands that really mean something to the HER community.

These brands were chosen because they encourage individuality without succumbing to gender norms. With plenty of swag for any event or situation, you’ll want to keep these brands in mind.

 Now what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

*Cover image courtesy of Wildfang


We’re biased but we’re not wrong.

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Revel and Riot:

Revel and Riot is a non-profit organization working for LGBTQ rights, awareness and equality. The organization has a large selection of LGBTQ merchandise all with a specific message.

Non binary online shopping

They also offer resources to help everyone in the LGBTQ community. Revel and Riot’s mission is to promote LGBTQ pride, increase visibility and advance equality and justice.

Bobo Academy:

Bobo Academy is an online shop with merchandise for everyone in the LGBTQ community.

They have a wide selection of clothing with great sayings like, “We’re here, We’re Queer,” “Ask me about my pronouns,” and “Lez get it on!” This queer-owned shop wants to promote pride and awareness using humor in their merch.

Tomboy X:

Tomboy X is a clothing company made for tomboys by tomboys.

Clothing Has No Gender – Fashion Brands for the Queer Friendly Wardrobe

This company is on a mission to empower women to wear what they want and feel comfortable doing it. They started with comfy boxer briefs and have expanded to much more.

Non binary online shopping

Tomboy X celebrates diversity, individuality, and humanity.


Wildfang is a store tomboys can call home; creating a rebellion of “modern-day female Robin Hoods, raiding men’s closets”.

They create clothing that’s been seen on ladies such as Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart, and the USWNT.


Wildfang aims to bring out the best in you, offering amazing suits, joggers, and their famous “tomboy” tees & hats.


Androgyny is a clothing brand designing clean, sharp shirts for androgynous women. They reject the view that only “men” wear “menswear,” and are creating menswear to fit the female body.

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Androgyny is on a mission to inspire confidence by making clothes that fit true to ones body type.

Veer NYC:

Veer NYC is contemporary fashion retailer for women seeking clothing that blurs the lines of modern masculine and feminine style.

Veer was started from an Indiegogo campaign and has been made into a successful tomboy shop.

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They creates clothing for androgynous women by androgynous women. The designers Jenny & Allie hope to contribute to the growing acceptance and awareness of variations in non-gendered fashion.

The Tomboy Shop:

The Tomboy Shop is a destination shop made for tomboys. This shop offers carefully selected androgynous clothing from up-and-coming designers, as well as some established brands.

Non binary online shopping

The owner Rachel Grossinger wanted to simplify shopping for tomboys and create more visibility for great designers. The Tomboy Shop aims to build a community space for androgynous individuals with their clothes and their blog that helps to discover the latest in androgynous fashion and happenings in the community.


VEEA is an androgynous fashion shop creating high-end menswear made to fit women.

The shop started when sisters Vee and A couldn’t find the clothing they wanted in stores.

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They are making clothing “you can wear and feel like “you” without compromising design, style, and aesthetics.” VEEA encourages you to stay true to yourself.


CharlieBoy is a “new gender of clothing encouraging freedom in personal style.” This shop is all about the freedom to be yourself and express yourself through the way you dress leaving behind the world of gender roles.

This Australian-made clothing is 1920s inspired making a great combination of modern and retro. CharlieBoy creates clothing inspired by menswear, but ultimately fits women’s bodies.

Scout’s Honor:

Scout’s Honor is a San Francisco based shop making clothing for modern tomboys. Owner, Clare wanted to make clothes that tomboys felt fit and that were truly made for them.

Tomboys looking to embrace their adventurous side have many options in shirts like “The Camper,” “The Wrangler,” and of course, “The Scout.” This brand hopes to help tomboys figure out how to express their genuine selves through clothing.


“Transgressing Men’s Fashion” is a perfect description for DapperQ.

How To Find Gender Neutral Clothing On A Budget

 With a focus on providing style for masculine presenting women, gender-queers, and trans*, allows for DapperQ’s fashion to broaden the spectrum on everyday fashion – thus creating a fashion evolution.  Not only do they create quality looks, but their site features fashion blogs, interviews, and advice on all things fashion (just to name a few).  DapperQ is empowering and changing the game for fashion.

Non binary online shopping