Mlc Super Investment Options

Mlc super investment options

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Fee reductions on MLC MasterKey Fundamentals 
Effective from 1 April, we’re reducing administration fees on MLC MasterKey Super, Pension and Investment Fundamentals for existing and new clients. These fee changes are all about providing more competitive outcomes for your clients.

Mlc super investment options

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Competitive prices
MasterKey Super Fundamentals can help you lower overall costs for your clients by offering a low fee for balances under $50,000; competitive percentage tiered fees; and a maximum fee cap of $2,500 pa.

MasterKey Super and Pension Fundamentals administration fees

Account balanceFees from 1 April (pa)

Tiered % fee

  • First $200, 000
  • Remaining balance over $200,000




A fee of $1.50 per week if your account balance is below $50, 000 when the Administration fee is deducted.

We also offer a range of flexible Adviser Service fee options, allowing you and your clients to choose a strategy that’s right for you.

For the most up-to-date information on our fees and costs, see our MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals Product Disclosure Statement (PDF).

Mlc super investment options