Mcs Ipo Machine Coordinate System

Mcs ipo machine coordinate system

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Hi all,

I have a problem updating Machine Catalog in XenDesktop 7.14. I have updated the "golden image" taken a new snapshot and clicked "Update Machines" in Citrix Studio.

Mcs ipo machine coordinate system

As a rollout strategy I've selected "immediately".

Everything seems to go fine, thing start to happen on our vCenter (version 6.0) and there are no errors. On the machine catalog details the "Disk image" name changes to the new snapshot.

But the machines are not updating.

Mcs ipo machine coordinate system

They are still using the old snapshot.

If I try to create a new machine catalog from the new snapshot everything goes fine, so the snapshot doesn't seem to be the issue.

If I run the "Test machine catalog" I get errors:

Test that the account exists.

Check that the account specified is known to the AD Identity service and is present in AD.

The nominated account 'xxxx' could not be found in AD.
Check in AD if the account exists but is inaccessible for some reason; if necessary, create it manually.

If I click the "Manage AD Accounts" there are twice as many accounts as there are allocated machines.

I can see the machine AD accounts in "readable format" e.g. domain\machine-name$.

Mcs ipo machine coordinate system

For these the "State" says "in use". Then there's others in SID format, and and the "State" says "Tainted".

Machine catalog details:

Machine type: Desktop OS (virtual)

Provisioning method: machine creation services

Allocation type: Random