Itunes For 1st Generation Ipo

Itunes for 1st generation ipo

What do you know about the iPod's roots?

First of all, the page I referenced previously, states that the Touch requires iTunes 7.6. So to your question:

in wikipedia ...

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there is a compatability chart that list the 1g as being compatible with itunes 7.4. is this true?

Itunes for 1st generation ipo

No, it is not. (And I still can't find that page)
where can i get itunes 7.4?

No point, since your ipod will not work with it.

Itunes for 1st generation ipo

Let's put to one side the post from AABBCCDDEEFFGG since what has been said in that post has not been substantiated.

one of the messages said to connect my iphone to a 32 bit computer?

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Don't know what that's all about. Let's ignore that for the time being as you say your machine is 64bit.

In you last post, of 18th Dec, you ask:
why doesn't itunes 10 (and my computer) acknowledge my 1g?

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it doesn't even charge it.

Well, we don't know yet, but did you do as I suggested in my post on 15th Dec, and have you then checked out the links provided by lllaass? Namely:

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have you tried disconnecting and re-connecting the iPod again? This is the simplest thing you can do.

Itunes for 1st generation ipo

My Touch is sometimes not recognised the first time I plug it in. I unplug it and try again. Sometimes I have to do this two or three times.
B. go to Apple page - (iPhone, iPad, or) *iPod touch:* Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

go to Apple page - (iPhone, iPad, or) iPod is not recognized by Windows due to driver installation issues

You should do the above points, A,B & C before assuming that iTunes 10 doesn't work with a 1G Touch because as far as I can see, it should.

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You should also stop believing every negative thing people post on these forums.
I've made a suggestion or two, based on my experience and lllaass has suggested you check out two Apple documents that specifically discuss iTunes not recognising an iPod, the exact problem you are experiencing.

Itunes for 1st generation ipo

That suggests that the symptom is known about and that Apple probably have a cure for it.

All the non-working links and "compatibilty charts" you've found (but I cannot) should be ignored, along with hearsay, because it's all "Red Herrings".

Itunes for 1st generation ipo

It _will and is_ mis-leading you.


Dec 18, 2010 3:16 PM