Hackman Y Morris 1975 Hackman 1987 Modelo Ipo

ABSTRACT. This doctoral research continues the emerging trend in diversity research and extends it to the phenomenon of global virtual teams (GVTs).

From the Input-Process-Output (IPO) framework of integrating group work, group interaction processes, and group performance (Hackman & Morris, 1975; McGrath, 1964) , the model evaluates the impact of diversity as an input on the processes and outputs in GVTs. Taking a resource based view of the firm (Barney, 1991, 2001; Wernerfelt, 1984) as well as a resource based view of employment (Bakker & Demerouti, 2007; Loten, 2019) and supporting with the information processing theory (Salancik & Pfeffer, 1978), the model predicts positive impacts of diversity on processes and of processes on outputs.

Specifically, the model studies diversity in terms of gender and nationality.

What Really Happened To Gene Hackman?

In terms of process, the model includes motivation and collective efficacy; and in terms of outputs, it includes both teamwork satisfaction and team-level task performance satisfaction.