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Josh Dawsey / @jdawsey1:   Sign Trump has changed Washington: Friend who lives in Hicks building sends photo of paparazzi waiting outside.

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Has there ever been paparazzi waiting for a departing White House comms director?

Maggie Haberman / @maggienyt:   Hope Hicks departure is NOT about yesterday's hearing, per multiple sources.

She had planned it before, had been thinking about it for months. She had informed a very small number of people prior to Hill hearing that she planned to leave.

Victor Lipman / Forbes:   Hope Hicks Leaves — It's A Really Hard Job Communicating For A Liar

Paul Farhi / @farhip:   Interestingly, @CNN has lots and lots of photos of Hicks—and zero soundbites.

It's almost as if the White House communications director didn't communicate much outside the White House.

Chris Cillizza / CNN:   Hope Hicks' totally ridiculous explanation for why she quit

Washington Post:   Trump aide Hope Hicks to resign amid personal tumult and Russia probe

Clio Chang / Splinter:   Hope, You Had the Time of Your Life

Ari Melber / @arimelber:   If a person planned to resign, and had a Russia interview scheduled, and is a messaging expert, one could imagine the person putting resignation info out before said interview.[This is an analytical observation, not quibbling with the reporting that sources are saying this.]

Josh Feldman / Mediaite:   Fox News' Jesse Watters on Hope Hicks Leaving: ‘Disappointing Day’ for White House

Margaret Hartmann / New York Magazine:   Amid White House Unrest, Trump Mulls Launching a Trade War

Kellyanne Conway / @kellyannepolls:   I love you and will miss you, Hope Hicks.

Anne Helen Petersen / @annehelen:   “She told colleagues that she had accomplished what she felt she could with a job that made her one of the most powerful people in Washington”

Allie Fasanella / Footwear News:   Hope Hicks Resigns From White House, But Made a Stylish Arrival in a Mini Coatdress and Pumps for Russia Investigation

Bernie Dennler / 50 States of Blue:   From Hope Hicks to Michael Flynn: A year of Trump hires who didn't work out

Christian Datoc / The Daily Caller:   Top White House Staff React In Apparent Disbelief To Hope Hicks Resignation

The Daily Beast:   Hope Hicks Is Leaving the White House, Depriving Donald Trump of His Most Loyal Soldier

Emily Jane Fox / Vanity Fair:   “She Is Like a Security Blanket”: Hope Hicks, the Linus of the West Wing, Delivers a Devastating Blow to Trump

Seth Abramson / @sethabramson:   The source doesn't get to write the story, Maggie.

That's *not* how this works. Hope, having just admitted to *habitual white lies*, can say whatever she wants now about why she's leaving Trump's side, and no one is obligated to believe her given the exigencies of her situation.

Ben Mathis-Lilley / Slate:   Hope Hicks Is Resigning From the White House Communications Job She's Only Held Since September

Kevin S.

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Held /   Hope Hicks is resigning from the White House

Ashley Boucher / The Wrap:   14 Top Trump White House Staffers Who've Left So Far, From Steve Bannon to Hope Hicks (Photos)

Cindyvonquednowktla / KTLA:   White House Communications Director Hope Hicks Is Resigning Following Congressional Testimony

Damon Young / The Root:   The Trump White House Is Love & Hip Hop For Terrible White People (and Ben Carson)

Scott Dworkin / @funder:   No one in their right mind would ever resign as Communications Director of the White House after months on the job.

And to “pursue other opportunities?” Give me a break.

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Hope Hicks is prob running straight to Mueller's office so she can be a witness, not a suspect. #TrumpColluded

Judd Legum / @juddlegum:   How many months has she been thinking about it?

She's only held the position for 6 months.

Samantha Wilson / Hollywood Life:   Hope Hicks Shockingly Resigns As White House Communications Director

Jonathan Alter / @jonathanalter:   Mueller is very interested in that part of the obstruction case.

Best guess: They're quitting because they have serious legal problems.

Ted Johnson / Variety:   Hope Hicks to Resign as White House Communications Director

John Santucci / ABC News:   White House communications director Hope Hicks to resign

Kim Masters / @kimmasters:   First Josh Raffel is out, now Hope Hicks. Both were on the plane when that phony statement on the Trump Tower meeting was concocted. ...

Refinery29:   Hope Hicks Is Leaving The White House

Kevin Drum / Mother Jones:   Hope Hicks Is the Latest Trump Aide to Abandon a Sinking Ship

John Schindler / @20committee:   Hope will be exploring other opportunities, for instance copping a Mueller plea to avoid several decades in prison.

Brian Stelter / @brianstelter:   Hicks never gave a TV interview.

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Or a radio interview. Or web video. Or

Lizzie Manno / Paste - Recently Added:   According to the New York Times, White House communications …

Kirsten Korosec / Fortune:   Hope Hicks, Key Member of Donald Trump's Inner Circle, Is Leaving

Jezebel:   Hope Floats  —  Hope Hicks, White House communications director …

Ryan Teague Beckwith / @ryanbeckwith:   For the record, Hicks lasted 40.4 Scaramuccis.

Andréa López / @bluechoochoo:   This type of scoopy article will get updated ALL DAY, likely w/things that make you go, “oh.

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that makes sense.” You can track changes here:

Haley Britzky / Axios:   Trump's revolving door of communications directors

Brian Stelter / @brianstelter:   For the president, “this is like losing a member of the family over here at the White House,” @Acosta says

Sarah Kendzior / @sarahkendzior:   Hope Hicks resignation happens on the same day as that of Josh Raffel, who has long been linked to Hicks and did Ivanka and Jared's PR.

Background: behind-the-jared-and-ivanka-pr- machine ...

Adam K. Raymond / thecut:   Hope Hicks Is Resigning From the White House

Shane Goldmacher / @shanegoldmacher:   The people named White House communications director under Trump: Jason Miller (withdrew pre-inauguration) Sean Spicer Mike Dubke Spicer (again) Anthony Scaramucci Hope Hicks Trump has been president for 13 months.

Paul Kane / @pkcapitol:   WH comms director, it's like being the drummer in Spinal Tap.

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Jason Miller Spicer Dubke Mooch Hope All held title. Am I missing anyone?

Chris Ariens / TVNewser:   Hope Hicks Resigns As White House Communications Director

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