Create New Analogue Trunk Line Avaya Ipo

Create new analogue trunk line avaya ipo

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Setting up Analog Trunks/Lines

Once all the hardware is connected, IP Office recognizes the connected analog trunks and lists them within the Line configuration form in Manager. If all the appropriate trunks are not listed, make sure the connection between the IP Office 403 Control Unit and the Analog Trunk Expansion Module is tight.

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Our sample configuration will display a line configuration similar to the following:


For our example, there is not much configuration needed to get calls coming in and routed out.

The one configuration needed is within the Analog tab for each of the analog trunks displayed.


Check with your service provider for the Trunk Type (Ground Start, Loop Start, Loop Start Caller ID). With this known information, do the following:

  1. Click the Line configuration.

  2. Double click the first of the lines. An Analog Trunk configuration window displays.

  3. Click the Analog tab.

    CO Trunk (Analog) - Install, Configure and Test - R12 - HD

  4. Click the drop down box that corresponds to the Trunk Type field. The following options are listed: Ground Start, Loop Start, Loop Start Caller ID and Out of Service.

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    The default is Loop Start. Select the trunk type based on the information provided by the service provider.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click to send the updated configuration to the IP Office 403 Control Unit.

    Create new analogue trunk line avaya ipo



The following configuration settings should be pointed out:

  • Keep all the incoming and outgoing group IDs at the default setting of "0". This is a typical configuration because unless there are special reasons for wanting certain incoming or outgoing calls to go through specific trunks, the group IDs should be left as the default.

    Create new analogue trunk line avaya ipo

  • Default system short codes are available for dialing out. The specific short codes are dependent upon the  This short code is:

    • Short Code: ?

    • Telephone Number: .

    • Feature: Dial

    • Line Group: 0

This short code enables all lines on the Outgoing Group ID of 0 to dial out.

Create new analogue trunk line avaya ipo

The other default system short code is:

    • Short Code: 9

    • Telephone Number: .

    • Feature: SecondaryDialTone

    • Line Group: 0

This short code defines all calls going out through line group 0 that are preceded by 9 to receive a secondary dial tone.

Additional default short codes relating to dialing 9 to get the secondary dial tone are also available for long distance and international numbers.

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Dialing 9 is common to the North American market. See Default System Short Code List for the list of default short codes.

Next recommended configuration: Assign Extension Numbers