Colour Life Services Ipo

Colour life services ipo

Corporate Profile

Listed on main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2014 and with its headquarters located in Shenzhen, Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited is a leading service operator of community platform.

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After operating and developing for more than a decade, the Group was honoured as the “World Largest Community Service Platform” by China Index Academy in June 2017. Colour Life established offline and online service platforms through internet and had effectively connected community residents with various commodity and service suppliers, providing customers with the best residential service experience.

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It is also a technology-based and comprehensive community service company in providing one-stop services in property management services, value-added services and engineering services.

Currently, the Group’s businesses expand to seven major regions including Northwestern China, Northern China, Northeastern China, Southwestern China, Southern China, Eastern China, Central China.

The Group has three main businesses:

  • Property management services, which primarily include: (i) provision of services to communities under commission basis; (ii) provision of services to communities under lump sum basis; (iii) provision of pre-sale services (also called pre-delivery services) to property developers; and (iv) provision of consultancy services to property management companies;

  • Community leasing, sales and other value-added services (also referred to as “value-added services”), which primarily include: (i) provision of online promotion services; (ii) provision of sales and rental assistance services; and (iii) provision of other value-added services; and

  • Engineering services, which primarily include: (i) provision of equipment installation services; (ii) provision of repair and maintenance services; (iii) automation and other equipment upgrade services through the Group’s equipment leasing program; and (iv) provision of energy-saving services.

Colour life services ipo