Bitcoin Trading Guide Reddit

Bitcoin trading guide reddit

Luno is a trading platform that has its headquarters in London.

Bitcoin trading guide reddit

It was launched in 2013, and today, it is definitely one of the best Bitcoin exchanges and wallet providers according to Reddit.

Its original name was Bitx, and in 2017 it was rebranded with the name Luno - which signifies ‘moon’.

Luno is considered one of the safest and cheapest Bitcoin/Ethereum exchanges. It has a user-friendly interface, and is supported in 43 countries.

In order to buy crypto on Luno, you first need to deposit money into your Luno Wallet.

Bitcoin trading guide reddit

The platform is easy to use because you can buy and sell instantly on Luno exchange.

In the same way, it is easy to withdraw your money and you do not have to wait anxiously before you receive your transaction. In fact, as soon as you submit your request, you can rest assured that your Bitcoin/money is on its way into your wallet.

Luno is 100% legit and is definitely not a Scam. 

One of the few downsides of Luno is the fact that it only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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So if you like investing on less mainstream coins, this platform may not be ideal for you. 

Quotes from Reddit About

Check Luno

Super well run exchange. Been using them for years. "


" Luno is a good wallet but only support ethereum and bitcoin for now "


" I've been using Luno/BitX for almost a year now and they are awesome.

Bitcoin trading guide reddit

Have had 0 issues with deposits, purchases, sending & withdrawals. As someone also pointed out below, don't use the instant buy feature, rather buy on the exchange at the current price "


Overall rating :  5 / 5

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