Best Spousal Options Fire Mblem Awakening

Best spousal options fire mblem awakening

Best spousal options fire mblem awakening

With the Fire Emblem Fates trilogy being released internationally not too long ago, I decided to show some appreciation for the Fire Emblem games by aiding people in the seemingly complex system introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening: Marriage and Children.

This guide will cover which father is best for each child (in terms of skills they can pass down) in Fire Emblem Awakening, the best skills for them, and the best class to stick them in once they have all the skills they need.

as a bonus, I'll add the best skills for your unit, the Tactician, at the end of the guide. Without further ado, let's begin!

To begin, let's cover our favorite princess:

Marth! er...


i mean, Lucina!

Lucina is the daughter of Chrom and whichever girl wins the heart of Chrom before the end of Chapter 11 in the game's story. The question is, which possible mother is the best for Lucina?

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the answer is Olivia! but, how do you get Chrom to marry her if she joins right at the start of the battle in Chapter 11? it's actually quite simple: have Chrom avoid all interaction with women up until Chapter 11. then move him and Olivia up to a corner in the map and have Olivia twerk for Chrom every turn, and yes, i mean every turn.

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don't save after the battle if you're not sure you successfully got those two together. you'll find out in the cutscene afterwards.

With that aside, let's move on to Skills to inherit.

Chrom will ALWAYS pass down the skill Aether to his daughters regardless of whether or not he has learned it. the same is true for the skill Rightful King with his sons. because of this, there's no need to worry about grinding for skills with Chrom.

Olivia on the other hand should pass down Galeforce (learned at Level 15 in Dark Flier class), and she MUST learn it BEFORE Chapter 13!

This is where the Bonus Teams in the Bonus Box come in handy for grinding.

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it's a little exhausting, but is well worth the trouble.

Now, what skills should Lucina have by the time we're done grinding for skills? here's what she should have:

Aether from Chrom

Galeforce from Olivia

Rightful King (Lv.15 Great Lord

Vantage (Lv.10 Myrmidon)

Swordfaire (Lv.15 Swordmaster)

Once you get all of these skills, stick her back in the Great Lord class, as it is the best class available to her.

Because Olivia has a child of her own, he is already covered in terms of which parents he should have and which skills he should inherit.

Olivia's son is none other than the world famous casanova...


Inigo is a very powerful character to begin with and is only even more powerful with Chrom as his father.

the skills he should have are:

Rightful King from Chrom

Galeforce from Olivia

Sol (Lv.5 Hero)

Vantage (Lv.10 Myrmidon)

Swordfaire (Lv.15 Swordmaster)

His best end class is the Hero class

Next up is...


Sure, he starts off pretty wimpy for a child unit, but after awhile, he really starts to shine!

He is the son of Lissa, and his best father is without a doubt Gaius.

Lissa should pass down Galeforce (Lv.15 Dark Flier) and Gaius should pass down Counter (Lv15 Warrior)

The skills he should learn are:

Galeforce from Lissa

Counter from Gaius

Vantage (Lv.10 Myrmidon)

Astra (Lv.5 Swordmaster)

Swordfaire (Lv.15 Swordmaster)

The best part about him is that you don't have to reclass him for him to be the best he can be, which is pretty dang powerful.

Next up is our armor obsessed girl...


Kjelle is designed to be a tank, through and through.

so what better father for her than the uber bulky Kellam?

Best Units of Fire Emblem: Awakening

chances are, Sully and Kellam will be your first happily married couple in your playthroughs anyway.

Sully should pass down Aegis, and Kellam should pass down either Luna (Lv.5 Great Knight) or Pavise (Lv.15 General). the skill Kellam should pass down is up to how much effort you're willing to put into him.

Kjelle's skillset should have:

Aegis from Sully

Luna (Lv.5 Great Knight) or from Kellam

Pavise (Lv.15 General) or from Kellam

Miracle (Lv.1 Cleric)

Renewal (Lv.15 War Cleric)

Her final class should either be Great Knight or General, depending on which skill you had Kellam pass down.

Next up is our favorite bunny


Yarne's a tough one to snag due to his Paralogue map having such a great number of enemies.

however, he's well worth the trouble.

Best spousal options fire mblem awakening

Panne should get with Stahl for this bunny boy to really shine.

Panne should pass down Lancebreaker (Lv.15 Griffon Rider) so Yarne isn't helpless to those nasty Beast Killer lances. Stahl should pass down Astra, since Yarne makes excellent use of it.

Yarne's skills should have:

Lancebreaker from Panne

Astra from Stahl

Counter (Lv.15 Warrior)

Lethality (Lv.5 Assassin)

Pass (Lv.15 Assassin)

Yarne's end class should be Assassin.

his high speed will let him avoid most attacks.

Next up is our brooding Batman-wannabe with his faithful sidekick Minervykins

of course I'm talking about Gerome.

Gerome's Paralogue doesn't let him shine very well due to the sheer number of archers. that's why his best father his Virion, the archest of archers.

Cherche should pass down Renewal (Lv.15 War Cleric) and Virion should pass down Bowbreaker (Lv.15 Bow Knight) to help Gerome stand a chance in bow-infested battlefields.

Gerome should learn these skills:

Renewal from Cherche

Bowbreaker from Virion

Counter (Lv.15 Warrior)

Quick Burn (Lv.5 Wyvern Lord)

Swordbreaker (Lv15.

Special Guide for Marriage and Children in Fire Emblem Awakening For Best Skills

Wyvern Lord)

his end class should be Wyvern Lord. he needs his precious Minervykins. :3

Now it's time for our angry little tsundere...


Her Paralogue is perilous as she won't join you until she's talked to the villager unit named Holland. this means if she's knocked down before then, she's gone for good.

Her best father is the women-fearing Swordsman, Lon'qu.

Lon'qu should pass down Quick Burn (Lv.

5 Wyvern Lord) and Cordelia should pass down Galeforce (Lv.15 Dark Flier)

Evera's skills should be like so:

Quick Burn from Lon'qu

Galeforce from Cordelia

Sol (Lv.5 Hero)

Vantage (Lv.10 Myrmidon)

Swordfaire (Lv.15 Swordmaster)

Her end class should be Hero, like our beloved Inigo.

Next is our precious dragon baby


Nah is a terrifying force on the battlefield when trained correctly.


She very quickly becomes a terror when her father is none other than Donnel.

Donnel should without a doubt pass down his skill Aptitude so Nah's stats grow at a terrifying rate. Nowi should pass down Lifetaker (Lv.15 Dark Knight) so Nah can stay healthy.

Nah's final skillset should appear as such:

Lifetaker from Nowi

Sol (Lv.5 Hero)

Galeforce (Lv.15 Dark Flier)

Renewal (Lv.15 War Cleric)

Swordbreaker (Lv.15 Wyvern Lord)

Aptitude's only useful until her stats cap out.

so once that happens, she needs to replace Aptitude with a more useful skill.

Her final class should be Manakete.

Now for our struggling scientist mage


Laurent needs a lot, and i mean a LOT of work to be at his full potential. Ricken is the best father for him if you want him to be more magically inclined.

Miriel should pass down Renewal (Lv.15 War Cleric) and Ricken should pass down Lifetaker (Lv.15 Dark Knight)z

Laurnet's skills should have:

Lifetaker from Ricken

Renewal from Miriel

Luna (Lv.5 Great Knight)

Counter (Lv.15 Warrior)

Tomefaire (Lv.15 Sage)

His end class should be either Safe or Dark Knight.

Fire Emblem Awakening Pairings

the decision is yours, as both are very useful.

Next is our heroic Pega-pony Princess...


She's quite a powerful pegasus knight to begin with and only gets stronger with training.

I recommend having Sumia tie the knot with Henry for a diverse skill pool for Cynthia.

Henry should pass down Counter (Lv.15 Warrior), and Sumia should pass down Renewal (Lv.15 War Cleric).

Cynthia should have these skills:

Counter from Henry

Renewal from Sumia

Lifetaker (Lv.15 Dark Knight)

Galeforce (Lv.15 Dark Flier)

Lancefaire (Lv.15 Falcon Knight)

Cynthia's final class should be Falcon Knight, since you won't be utilizing her magic through tomes.

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it's also helpful to have a super mobile healer.

Up next is our grouchy nobleman


oh boy! he's hands down the hardest one to prepare for due to Maribelle being very frail on the defensive side. His best father is the Vaike.

Maribelle should pass down Galeforce (Lv.15 Dark Flier) and Vaike should pass down Counter (Lv.15 Warrior).

Brady should learn these skills:

Galeforce from Maribelle

Counter from Vaike

Renewal (Lv.15 War Monk)

Axefaire (Lv.15 Berserker)

Sol (Lv.5 Hero)

Brady should end in the War Monk class.

Next is our timid avatar of retribution


Noire is hands down one of, if not, the best archers in the series.

Her best father is none other than.....

Best spousal options fire mblem awakening


Robin is the best father for Noire because he can pass down the vital skill Counter (Lv.15 Warrior) to her. Tharja should pass down Lifetaker (Lv.15 Dark Knight) so Noire can stay healthy. If you have Female Robin, Libra is the second best father for Noire, and he should pass down Renewal.

Noire should learn the following skills:

Counter from Robin

Lifetaker from Tharja

Renewal (Lv.15 War Cleric) or from Libra

Luna (Lv.5 Great Knight)

Bowfaire (Lv.15 Sniper)

Hit+20 (Lv.5 Sniper) (only get if Libra is her father)

Noire should end with the Sniper class as she is the best Sniper in the game.

And last, but not least, our optomistic amnesiacs


Morgan is hands down the best unit in the game.

Female Morgan's parents and inherited skills have been discussed in Noire's section.

List of characters in Fire Emblem Awakening

Male Morgan's father is largely up to you. just don't take any of the husbands of the previously mentioned mothers!

Morgan should learn these skills:

Ignis (Lv.5 Grandmaster)

Renewal (Lv.15 War Monk/Cleric)

Galeforce (Lv.15 Dark Flier) or inherited from female Robin

Counter (Lv.15 Warrior) or inherited from male Robin

Tomefaire (Lv.15 Sage) or Swordfaire (Lv.15 Swordmaster) (pick the one for the weapon you have Morgan use more)

Morgan should stick to Grandmaster once he or she has all of their skills.

And to finish up, let's cover the skills that you, the Tactician needs

Robin's skill set doesn't alter much between genders, so there's not much to memorize here.

Robin should have these skills:

Ignis (Lv.5 Grandmaster)

Vantage (Lv.10 Myrmidon)

Renewal (Lv.15 War Monk/Cleric)

Counter (Lv.15 Warrior) (male Robin only)

Galeforce (Lv.15 Dark Flier) (female Robin only)

Tomefaire (Lv.15 Sage) or Swordfaire (Lv.15 Swordmaster) (pick the one for the weapon you use more)

Robin should finish in the Grandmaster class.

When making your avatar, you're asked what your best stat would be and what your worst stat would be.

Best spousal options fire mblem awakening

here are the BEST options for both:

Assets: Skill for more critical hits

Bane: Luck. it doesn't do much for the character, and only has two useful skills to go with it (Despoil and Armsthrift)

I hope this helped answer any questions any of you might've had.


Feel free to share this around to help anyone you think might need it :3