Best Rabbit Litter Options

Best rabbit litter options



If you want to provide your fluffy companion with a cage where it can feel comfortable, we recommend that you take a look at this guide that we have prepared as it includes our top picks.

Once you have acquired a habitat for your beloved companion, you also have to invest in a qualityrabbit litter box and the necessary litter.

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To get the best type of litter for your fluffy friend, read this article as it is quite informative.


What features are a must?

Good rabbit litter has to absorb plenty of moisture. The best choices available are those products that can hold no less than three times their own weight in moisture.

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These options are worthy of your consideration as they remain fresh for quite a while before they need to be replaced.

If possible, the litter that you get should be environmentally friendly. There are numerous litter types that are made of recycled paper and that are non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

Comfort is also a key aspect that you should not neglect.

When you start using a new product, it is advisable that you observe your bunny in order to see if it has any reaction to it.

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In case you see your pet feel unwell, it is recommendable that you remove the litter immediately.

Dust is a big no-no

Nowadays, the range of products that one has access to is immense. As a result, it is best that you invest in one that is 99% dust free.

Best rabbit litter options

This way, you will find it easier to clean the litter box.

Additionally, no-dust litters are safer for the health of the rabbit, as well as for your own well-being, especially if you happen to be allergic to dust.

The product that you purchase should also be able to provide you with odor control. This feature is particularly handy if you do not want the smell of rabbit urine to get all over your home.

Best rabbit litter options

If you have a small house, you might also want to consider getting a type of litter that features soothing fragrances.


Safe litter

To help pet owners select appropriate products, the experts have created a list of materials that are safe to use when manufacturing rabbit litter. According to them, it is advisable that you purchase litter that is made of paper, shredded newspapers and phone book pages, and sawdust-compressed pellets.

Other materials that have been deemed as safe are coconut husks, straw pellets, and hardwood chips.

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What to avoid?

According to specialists, there are a few products that you should stay clear of if you care about the safety of your pet. For instance, it is not recommendable that you purchase litter that is made with clay, crystals or minerals and that are prone to clumping.

Also, cat litter is not a good pick.

You should also avoid litter made of materials that rabbits might find appealing to eat such as corn, grass or oats. This is important because, when eaten, they might cause the gut of the pet to swell up.

Another product that the experts speak against is the litter made of softwood shavings. This option should be avoided because it might cause liver and respiratory problems.

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The worst shavings that you could get are those made of pine or cedar, as they emit a high level of phenols.

One other issue with shavings is that they are light in weight and, consequently, likely to spread everywhere. Moreover, they are significantly less absorbent than alternatives such as paper litter.


Litter setup

It is a known thing that bunnies like to use the litter tray while eating.

Best rabbit litter options

Because of this, it might be a good idea to have food next to it. This way, litter-training your beloved rabbit will certainly be easier.

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There is no easy way to say when the litter has to be changed. However, you should not wait more than 7 days between litter changes.

Rabbit Litter Box – Choosing and Using A Bunny Litter Tray

The main factors that impact this aspect are the number of pets that are living in a given habitat and the absorbency rating of the litter.

If you notice that your bunny doesn’t want to use the litter tray anymore, this might be a sign of it being too dirty.

In the summer, the litter should be changed more frequently, as the risk of your pet attracting flies is higher. To make sure that your pet’s habitat is comfortable and clean, you can also invest in non-toxic sprays.

If you are against using chemicals for cleaning purposes, it might be a good idea to stick to vinegar and hot soapy water.

Best Litter Material for a Rabbit - Pet Rabbits

Vinegar is a must as it can efficiently remove any urine marks.

If your rabbit is not litter trained, some pet owners recommend that you place a small quantity of old litter in the area where the bunny is supposed to go to the toilet.

This trick is very useful, especially when training young rabbits.

The Importance Of Litter Training Your Bunny

Pet owners should not get frustrated if their bunnies do not remember where they should go to the toilet. Using physical punishment as a way to discipline a rabbit is, under no circumstances, acceptable.

Bunnies are easily hurt and frightened. No matter its age, a rabbit can learn potty habits as long as you take the time to train it.

Problems that you might run into

There are a number of reasons why a pet rabbit will not let itself be litter-trained.

For instance, some rabbits might have problematic behaviors that are likely to go away after the pet is neutered or spayed.

Other pets like to relax in their litter trays instead of going to the bathroom in them.

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An efficient way to get rid of this problem is to provide it with alternative sleeping areas.

Poor litter habits might also be caused by medical problems, stress or changes in the environment.

If you see your pet behaving oddly and not using the litter tray correctly, you should schedule a visit at the vet as soon as possible.




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