Best Power Option For Garmin 4cv

Best power option for garmin 4cv

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Why Buy This Product?

The market is full of almost unlimited choices when it comes to fish finders. One of these products is the Garmin Striker 4cv that continuously rises to fame. This product is one of the best-selling Garmin fish finders for some reasons.

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It has an incredible set of features and decent performance.

Introduction of Garmin Striker 4cv

If you want to include a fish finder in your arsenal, the Garmin Striker 4cv can be the right one for your needs. Arguably, it is one of the greatest units available in the entry-level category. This fish finder comes with most of those features that are commonly available in more expensive units.

Also, it works well enough to meet and even surpass the needs of users.

Garmin Striker 4cv is a highly recommended fish finder for those who are new to fishing electronics.

Best power option for garmin 4cv

You can use it whether you fish from a kayak, a boat, or on top of ice. This fish finder is somewhat the same with Striker 4.

Garmin Striker 4 010-01550-00

However, Striker 4cv has ClearVu sonar aside from the CHIRP sonar.

It’s great to see that feature in this model, but it didn’t put Garmin Striker 4cv on the midrange section.

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Instead, this product is still an entry-level fish finder having some of those luxurious features that are often available in higher-end units.

It is not just a simple fish finder. It does have a GPS system and navigation features which will make your next fishing adventure more enjoyable and exciting.

Garmin Striker 4cv Fish Finder Review

Garmin Striker 4cv comes with very interesting features.

STRIKER™ Plus 4cv

One of these is the integrated GPS module. This product and other fish finders of the Striker Series are a few of the entry-level fish finders in the market that present GPS data for users.

Best power option for garmin 4cv

It can provide not just your exact location, but it can also compute and show your speed. In fact, you can navigate all over the water with the help of the waypoint map included in the package.

Introduction of Garmin Striker 4cv

Aside from the conventional sonar circuit, Garmin Striker 4cv uses CHIRP sonar technology for providing great images of everything underneath the water’s surface.

Unlike the ordinary sonar transducers which are just good for few frequencies, CHIRP sonar units can sweep all over a variety of frequencies and generate detailed images that have great separation.

Aside from the usual and CHIRP sonar technologies, Garmin Striker 4cv also comes with scanning sonar functions.

This form of sonar gathers much more details regarding the objects beneath your boat and produces decent images that will let you appreciate the fine details of shipwrecks, sunken trees, and substrates better compared to what CHIRP and traditional sonar technologies can provide.

Garmin STRIKER 4cv Review – Honest Opinion 2018

While most fishing enthusiasts mount this gadget to their kayak or boat, you can also use it as a flasher. Its built-in flasher works great if you’re fishing vertically through deep water.

Battery Dry Box Build for Garmin Striker 4cv

Also, it will let you determine your lure and the fish, allowing you to place the bait directly in front of the fish.

Specs and Features:

– IPX7 waterproof function
– Maximum Sounding Deepness: 830 feet in saltwater and 1,750 feet in freshwater
– 320 by 480 HVGA color display
– Split-screen zoom capacities
– Real-time view of the fish that pass over the beam
– Weighs 8.1 ounces
– Double-beam and dual-frequency
– Bottom lock feature shows the water column from the base upward
– Records and shows water temperature as a graph
– 300-watt RMS power

– ClearVu scanning sonar gives surprisingly detailed images of the river deck of the lake.
– Garmin Striker 4cv comes with a GPS module that gives you much more information compared to an ordinary fish finder.
– Its easy-to-use, intuitive surface will make sure you will spend all your time and attention in fishing, not in fixing your electronics.
– The device comes with trolling and transom motor units for easy and quick installation.
– It also features IPX7 water-resistance which helps the device survive from water splash and rain.

– The fish finder’s display is small, measuring only 4 inches. With that, viewing the images and information on the screen can be hard unless you come closer to the device.

Best power option for garmin 4cv

A bigger screen would make this easier and more convenient.
– You must buy add-on portability and ice-fishing accessories. It will be great if they are already in the package.

Final Word

Garmin Striker 4cv is among the best fish finders made by Garmin from the entry-level category.

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It has fantastic features that will surely add more fun and thrill to your fishing activities. One of these is the ClearVu sonar technology which is a signature feature from Garmin. This feature is not common to other entry-level Garmin fish finders.

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Good thing, the company thought of adding it to this device.

Aside from those technologies, Garmin Striker 4cv also comes with a GPS system and other navigation features. However, it does not have charts and an SD card reader.

Why Buy This Product?

Also, you cannot upgrade this unit with any charts, since Garmin Striker 4cv is an entry-level device. No complaints about that, considering the incredible performance and features you won’t find in other entry-level fish finders. It is easy to set up and use, so it is truly perfect for a small boat, kayak, or even when you’re on top of the ice.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, then you may find the Garmin Striker Plus 4cv a good option.

It features 2D CHIRP sonar, the ClearVu, basic navigation features, including the Quickdraw Contours.

Best power option for garmin 4cv

It also comes with the CV20-TM transducer for 2D. It is also a good fish finder to use when you’re in a small boat or a kayak, both in freshwater and saltwater.


You can also use it on the ice.

Both Garmin Striker 4cv and Garmin Striker Plus 4cv are great fish finders in the market. The only thing is that the latter is slightly expensive than the first one. There can be a few more features added to Garmin Striker Plus 4cv.

However, Striker 4cv is still as competitive as the Striker Plus cv. The decision is still up to you.

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