Best Options For Mercy

Best options for mercy

Overwatch on max graphics is a gorgeous game to look at, that’s for sure, but if you want to gain a competitive advantage you’ll want as many frames per second (FPS) as possible while also eliminating unnecessary eye candy from your screen. We did some research and some in game testing and have come up with an answer that maximizes your FPS and minimizes the amount of clutter on your screen while still making sure that the game doesn’t look horrendous.

Overwatch is an incredibly fast paced and hectic game.

Best options for mercy

So it comes as no surprise that most pros use video settings that let you play at the highest FPS possible. With slight adjustments to your video settings you can get the most out of your gaming rig as well.

Reaching 60 FPS (if you game on a monitor that’s not capable of pushing over 60 frames per second) and 144 FPS is incredibly important, so please consider following our guide to decrease graphical fidelity and improve your chance to react and perform on the highest level.

Although we understand budget concerns and want to give tips on how to improve performance on lower-end computers, this guide is mostly to get the perfect settings for competitive performance.

Mercy Tips #1: What Settings do I Use? - STAR2D2

That’s why we’ve analyzed the pros. They are not making compromises.

Small tip: if you encounter sudden FPS issues, go to your settings, disable ‘reduce buffering’, click apply, and then enable it again (don’t forget to apply).

Best options for mercy