Best Option For Wallet With Chain

Best option for wallet with chain

Best option for wallet with chain

Tiny bags may be a huge (and persistent) trend, but not all little purses are created equally. While some are simply a small receptacle for whatever you can wedge into them, others provide a level of organization that makes it easier to leave the house without one of the biggest, most important things in any woman's purse: a wallet.

Chanel's Wallet on Chain is the most well-known of these wallet-crossbody bag hybrids, and its popularity has caused dozens of other brands to create these bags in its image.

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They're especially useful products to make for brands whose bags usually sell for over $2,000; they provide an entry-level option far below a brand's normal bag price range, and they allow new customers to buy something that feels like a purse without having to pony up the full price of, say, a Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

Whether you call them chain wallets, wallets on chains, WOCs, wallets with straps or some other clunky monicker, they have a basic form: slots for cards, bills and change built into at least one side of the bag's interior, with a little extra space for a slim smartphone and keys that a regular wallet wouldn't have.

They're almost always on crossbody straps, and those straps are almost always chain of some sort; the thin, jewelry-like quality of a chain strap complements the bags' small proportions.

Most brands make their WOCs in basic leather for clients looking for a good value, but the grab-and-go popularity of these bags has recently spawned exotic versions as well.

Best option for wallet with chain

Below, we've assembled the chain wallet offerings from all the biggest brands, plus a few more that you should definitely know about.