Best Flight Option For Round World

Best flight option for round world

Till a few years ago, travelling in business class used to be a luxury which only those folks could afford who have deep pockets.

Best flight option for round world

Now with the opening of the global travel phenomenon, the luxury of such flights has become more accessible and affordable than ever before, and it’s much easier than anyone can think of.

When it comes to the cost of flights on a round the world trip, business class flights certainly cost more than economy class flights. But with that extra money that you’d be paying, you will get a lot of premium stuff along with it.

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Having said that, experiencing business class travel doesn’t always costs as much as one may fathom. If you consider the top airlines that provide the best quality services in business class travel, they are Etihad, Emirates and Qatar.

Perks in business class flights

The first and foremost advantage of travelling business class on an around the world trip is the comfort and convenience of a recliner seat.

Best flight option for round world

You can relax all the way without having to worry about leg room or the passenger travelling next to you. The other advantage is that you get all the possible luxuries fully loaded such as unlimited food and drinks, in-flight entertainment, preferential boarding and most of all, flight attendants looking after you like a king!

Best flight option for round world

You can eat, drink and sleep like a king in the comforts of your business class flights.

Cost of travelling in business class

Though the cost of such a ticket for a round the world trip depends on the length of the leg of journey, dates etc. Considering the premium facilities and the comforts that comes along with it, it may not be necessarily too pricy.

Best flight option for round world

But a general rule of the cost of a business class ticket is that it is essentially around 4 times the price of an economy class ticket. It is certainly a cost-effective option for long haul flights. For short period flights like two hours or so, comfort doesn’t really matter, but for overnight flights, it certainly has its worth.

Request Your Own Business Class Airfare

Booking business class flights

Check out our online trip builder and create your own customized itinerary and get your personalized quote for your round the world trip business class airfare.

Best flight option for round world

Having an agent by your side throughout the trip also helps you to get insider access and insights in making business class upgrades for your around the world trip.  RTW Flights Australia specializes in business class airfare and flights having its presence across all airlines, so do check out your options before going for business class tickets.