Best Customer Support Options

Best customer support options


The past couple of years transformed many aspects of service delivery, but customer support remained the core, strategically important precursor of corporate success.

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On a market where products and services abide (more or less) to the same quality standards, customers rely on personalized approach as the key differentiating factor for a successful purchase.

The facilitating circumstance of delivering top support in 2020 (compared to the time when online shopping was a rare diamond) is the vast offering of computerized support solutions. On-point service and support keeps customers in absolute control of their time, and yet enables companies to remain responsive whenever their assistance is requested.

In a nutshell, customer support software brings together dedicated, community, and self-service assistance, making it possible to lend a hand in need on emerging purchase locations like social media.

It reaffirms the solid reputation of responsive teams and distinguishes great from good brands whereas the actual scope of products and services offered has little (or nothing at all) to do with it. Looking into detail at ReportLinker’s customer service forecasts up to 2021, the professional services segment is very likely to dominate customers’ opinion on which deliverer they’re going to choose.

On the opposite side, businesses will be able to rely on these tools to engage audiences based on personal preferences, a task that is made fairly easy with the operable intelligence these systems already collect.

Source: ReportLinker, Trend Forecast for the Support Center Industry

This makes jumping on the customer support wagon a reasonable step for any business, be that an international corporation or a local, new-coming retailer.

We will all be searching for a system that caters to our specific industry needs, or at least a highly customizable solution that can adapt to it. With configuration, support widgets, integrations, and adequate pricing in mind, we comprised a list of 20 best customer support software solutions that deserve your attention in 2020.

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is the current leader of our customer support software category, and the most prominent, flagship Freshworks product adopted by the business community.

For several years in a row, Freshdesk has dominated timely assistance classifications and its productivity has been acknowledged with a number of prominent awards.

Freshdesk offers a feature-rich and very intuitive customer support suite suitable for businesses from all scales and industries.

The large list of satisfied clients includes names such as DHL, Harvard University, Henkel, Pearson, and other prominent brands interested to unify their service approach, and gather requests in a single hub for the sake of productive collaboration.

In a similar fashion, Freshdesk will enable you to be there for customers wherever and whenever they need you, and save the means invested in separate messaging and help desk solutions. Freshdesk specializes in email and ticketing support, automates support operations on multiple channels and gathers customer intelligence, and puts in place a handy 24/7 self-service portal.

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At the same time, it is an excellent solution for service analytics & reporting that gives you the freedom to customize it as you want.

Despite packing all core support & help desk features, Freshdesk comes with an affordable pricing scheme that caters to both SMBs and enterprises.

Packages vary between $19 and $99 per month, with a Basic free package for email support offered to teams with an unlimited number of agents. To check whether Freshdesk is the right solution for you, you can sign up for Freshdesk free trial here..

What is unique about Freshdesk?

  1. Proactive agent-collision detection. With Freshdesk, you will be able to give all agents access to a single panel of information and customer requests, and yet prevent them from troubleshooting the same issue.
  2. Labeled ticketing for easier assigning. With Freshdesk, you can easily label tickets, and customize all fields in order to route them to the right person for quick response and resolution.
  3. Visibility across social channels. Freshdesk monitors customer posts about your product in social media, and addresses issues that can escalate.

    This way, it can help you build opportunities to promote your product.

  4. A customer query knowledge base. Freshdesk collects and stores customer queries in a single database to suggest instant answers for your agents. At the same time, end customers can use this base as a self-service portal, and look for answers without professional assistance.
  5. Time tracking. Freshdesk excels in time tracking, as it monitors agents’ turnaround time for each customer, and helps identify patterns, trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities to further improve your support.


Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials brings together two solutions – a CRM and customer service – in one platform.

The package is designed for small businesses so they can use Salesforce’s renowned CRM software to help them speed up sales processes as well as provide quality customer service and support without having to get separate solutions for these two important customer-facing functions. It’s a unified sales and service software packed with robust tools and capabilities but offered at budget-friendly prices.

The CRM side of Salesforce Essentials is powered by a built-in intelligence to facilitate faster and smarter selling, and total visibility over your customers and your entire business.

The other side of the software is powered by an automation engine that puts most customer support and service tasks on auto-pilot for increased efficiency and better agent productivity.

You can easily sign up for a Salesforce Essentials free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

What is unique about Salesforce Essentials?

  1. Deliver true and consistent customer experience. Studies have shown that the majority of today’s consumers prefer dealing with companies that provide consistent service and support.

    Salesforce Essentials help desk solution offers unhampered connectivity and real-time communication flow such as when you need to continue your conversation with your customer from live chat to phone call and vice versa.

  2. Provide multi-channel support. Regardless of what channel your customers use to reach out – email, phone, chat, social media, etc.

    – you’ll be able to promptly respond since the system offers multi-channel capabilities, keeping communication lines clear and conversations and messages organized.

  3. Automate daily routines. Automation can be a set for repetitive tasks and processes so your agents can concentrate on more important matters.

    The help desk solution can automatically forward queries or allocate tasks to the right agent based on parameters you set such as expertise and availability.

  4. Extend customer self-service. Encourage your customers to get into the habit of self-service through a white-labeled knowledge base where they can quickly search for answers to frequently asked questions.
  5. Harness robust integrations. You get powerful integration with all tools and apps that work with Salesforce’s CRM.

    You also have access to Salesforce Trailhead, a learning program of CRM courses, and to Salesforce Einstein which uses AI algorithms to give you insights and best next-step actions.


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Zendesk is one of the pioneer and best-known customer support & ticketing systems, constantly upgraded with new features and functionalities. Developed for the needs of all business types and sizes, and available across all geographies, Zendesk is ideal for international and remote support teams.

Nonetheless, it offers affordable basic plans for SMBs that wouldn’t settle for anything else but top notch customer service.

Why choose Zendesk over similar solutions? The platform will impress you with unparalleled simplicity, and help turn random interactions into lasting relationships.

Built upon scalable technology, Zendesk adjusts with ease to the needs of any business, works impeccably on several different channels, and offers several different modules for support, guidance, analytics, and collaboration. At the same time, it is one of the best-integrated customer support solutions with an open API infrastructure that lets you connect it to any system or application.

If you’d like to test out this platform’s features first-hand, be sure to sign up for a Zendesk free trial.

What is unique about Zendesk?

  1. Easy deployment. Zendesk is is flexible and easy to deploy, which allows users to set it up in minutes, and run it as soon as it is fully installed.
  2. 24/7 self-service support. Zendesk is a smart choice for companies looking to enable self-service support, as you can use it to set up 24/7 online service portals, robust knowledge bases, online communities, and intuitive FAQ searches.
  3. Branding & customization opportunities. Zendesk offers a lot of branding and customization opportunities, going as far as to allow users to completely tailor operations in a brand-specific manner, and offer user-friendly tools that will make their company look more professional and reputable.
  4. Reporting & analytics.

    With Zendesk, you will have access to 20+ template reports and dashboards, and be able to analyze in detail the performance of each agent/team.

  5. Multiple integrations. Zendesk is an open API system, which means it can be put in action in any software ecosystem.

    Native integrations include a number of popular CRMs, eCommerce platforms, and popular social media.

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is one of the best-known (if not the best-known) members of Zoho’s productivity family, namely a popular support desk system with multiple important functions.

For starters, Desk helps deliver in-time and reliable support on several different channels, and also boosts the productivity of your agents’ performance to help identify patterns and use opportunities. Task automation is also a part of this package, so that the service you provide would be unified on all channels, and customer intelligence is pulled in by default for you to turn random interactions into lasting and loyal relationships.

This tool is designed for businesses from all scales and industries.

If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for a Zoho Desk free trial here.

What is unique about Zoho Desk?

  1. Integrated help center approach.

    With Zoho Desk, businesses can offer multiple support channels that suit their way of work as well as meet the preferences of their clients. Companies can choose to address customer issues and queries via a fully functional ticketing system or deliver support in real time via its call center functionality.

  2. Social support integration. Zoho Desk allows clients to submit support requests, ask questions, and even call for help via popular social media channels Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Knowledge base forums.

    Zoho Desk lets you assemble knowledge in searchable databases, and encourage customers to converge and help one another by providing solutions and ideas based on first-hand experiences.

  4. Operable intelligence. Zoho Desk’s reporting tools and analytics help managers identify issues and concerns that pertain to agent’s performance and productivity.
  5. Integration with other products from Zoho’s productivity suite.

    Zoho Desk works in synergy with other popular Zoho solutions, making data migration painless, and operations timely and much more efficient.

5. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is another prominent name in the customer support software industry dedicated to small and developing businesses. Similarly to Freshdesk, LiveAgent keeps you on top of all customer interactions, and helps you offer a streamlined support experience on several channels at a time.

The system handles ticketing, live chat support, phone support, assistance on Facebook and Twitter, and a separate self-service portal for 24/7 knowledge sharing.

In the role of your fully-functional help desk, Live Agent will also introduce a VoIP plugin which will enable users to contact agents in real time, and with a single click. To help you stay connected, LiveAgent will also offer native apps for Android and iOS, and make communication possible wherever your agents are located. You can sign up for LiveAgent free trial here.

What is unique about LiveAgent?

  1. Universal, all-in-one inbox. LiveAgent’s unified inbox facilitates sending, and stores tickets and requests automatically so that none of them would be lost.

    At the same time, it manages responses, and stores information for further evaluation.

  2. Live chat support. LiveAgent is loaded with modern chat and management features which will help you give customers a hand even when not being familiar with their problem at all.
  3. Automated FAQ.

    To increase the efficiency of your service, repetitive questions are being automatically converted in FAQs, and placed in the same-name section to be used as a source of information.

  4. Social channel management. LiveAgent is perfectly integrated with Facebook and Twitter, and monitors activities to capture trends and business opportunities.
  5. Flexible pricing that suits all business sizes. LiveAgent is made to work with businesses of all scales and industries: whether you’re a 2-man startup or a big multinational company, you will only pay only for what you want to use.



TeamSupport is another great customer support alternative to consider, given that it is suited to B2B customers, and offers some of the best collaboration features in its arena. According to satisfied customers, using TeamSupport  improves considerably traditional ticket management practices, cutting a fair amount of customer support costs, and operating upon reliable customer information.

It is also packed with modern visual support tools, suitable for omnichannel support and task management, and very scalable in order to adjust to the demands of growing businesses. Similarly to Zendesk, TeamSupport integrates seamlessly with leading help desk, CRM, and email service providers, and brings on board one of the most advanced analytical suites in this industry.You can sign up for TeamSupport free trial here.

What is unique about TeamSupport?

  1. Streamlined collaboration between your agents.

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    Thanks to TeamSupport, the company can see all customer engagements instead of comparing separate tickets, and store all of them in a Complete Customer Database. This gives agents the chance to assist each other at any time.

  2. Evaluation of ticket engagement. TeamSupport follows individual agents’ performance in real time, and evaluates engagement upon different tickets and contacts to extract smart practices.
  3. Professional assistance for smarter analytics. TeamSupport will also give you access to a team of experienced help desk professionals, whose technical advice may help you understand customer data, and remain focused on improving your business.

    Detailed tutorials are available on their website.

  4. Intelligent Submission Deflection. This feature makes it possible to browse content, and find answers on a self-service portal 24/7.
  5. RESTful API. You can make use of TeamSupport’s RESTful API to connect it to literally any third-party system you’re using.

    Native integrations include email service providers, CRM tools, social media, eCommerce solutions, and more.

7. is another name that will ring a bell among customer support software aficionados, being among the first tools of its type to appear on the market.

The SMB-friendly help desk was built from a customers’ perspective, making it possible to approach visitors and cater to their requests just the way they’d want to be served.

The platform is multi-functional, and brings data together to help you make smarter decisions, and rep rot on activities with a single click. To make matters even better, it lets customers serve themselves via dedicated knowledge bases and support portals, and it functions impeccably on mobile devices.

What is unique about

  1. Documents all types of interactions.

    With, you will let no customer request slip through the cracks.

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    The system collects all customer interactions from all channels–phone, email, social networks, and chat–so that your agents can easily monitor and respond to them.

  2. Creating your own support center. You can use Desk’s Editor to create your own Support Center, choosing your colors, contact forms, logos, or even fully tweaking the design with CSS and HTML to match your website.
  3. Dedicated customer profiles. stores customer history like past or pending issues, contact and company data, and interactions, so that your agents can send personalized and informed answers.

  4. Multi-lingual customer support. features an intelligent content management tool that allows you to translate requests, and answer to customers in more than 36 different languages.

    This makes it ideal for international service providers.

  5. A number of mobile features.’s mobile features include Reply by Email, Notifications, Pocket Power and Mobile Support Center, and it supports both Android and iOS devices.



Samanage is an IT service desk for corporate users that takes support to a whole new level of efficiency. With one of the largest user databases in its field, Samanage is an example of a practical service desk that won’t require expensive and time-consuming training.

Customers also choose it because of its modern ITIL practices, end-to-end incident management, and constant asset monitoring. The system comes with a detailed service catalog that injects an even  more professional vibe, and offers end users a self-service portal with automatically connected and categorized information. Service level agreements are also included in the package to deliver support commitments, track response time, measure performance, and set service targets and alerts.

What is unique about Samanage?

  1. An IT service desk. Samanage follows the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) rules, which means it offers all the essential features required for the service support requirements of large IT operations.

    These include standard ticketing, and problem, incident, and change management.

  2. Detailed insights on IT-related incidents. Samanage’s Dashboard offers deep insights on all IT-related incidents across your business. Values are presented in metrics, graphs, and key performance indicators (KPI) to help managers get the big picture at a glance.
  3. SLAs. Samanage’s Service-Level Agreements (SLA) promise the following: deliver support commitments, track response time, measure performance, and set service targets and alerts.

    The SLA can also be helpful for regular security checkups.

  4. Tracks the lifecycle of your assets. Monitors more than 200 properties for the hardware depository such as CPU, sound cards, disks, and more, that help you retain full control of your assets.
  5. Unparalleled scalability. Samanage is an integrated solution that is designed for full ITIL compliance. Therefore, it is a suitable application for the service desk workflows of large companies.

    Nonetheless, its cloud hosting and reasonable prices make it suitable also for small and medium businesses.


ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control orients its efforts towards remote support, letting agents and teams control the devices of their clients regardless of their location. The system is very reliable, fast (enables instant, 3-step access) and secure (surpasses cyber threats with AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication); and offers premium assistance for new teams and first-time users.

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Just recently, the system was upgraded with an array of collaboration and in-team assistance options for faster solving.

Mac and Linux agents, for instance, will now get a personalized kit that allows remote execution of scripts and applications through the host UI, and a Mac-exclusive window option allows for quicker session switching.

What is unique about ConnectWise Control?

  1. Identity-centered delivery.

    ConnectWise Cloud lets you change and adjust the logos, icons, and even language in which you provide the service, and give customers flexible solutions when connected to their machines.

  2. Automated reconnection. ConnectWise Control is also empowered with automated reconnection, which means that service can be provided even when the network conditions are not exactly favorable.

    You get to connect with customers regardless of your device or location.

  3. A very collaborative system. ConnectWise’s Toolbox is is cloud-hosted and remote, and lets agents exchange files, comment and share opinions, and work simultaneously on the same task wherever they are.
  4. Enhanced security. ConnectWise’s reimaged version leans heavily on self-governed controls and authentication, as a result of which it lets users create clone roles and use multiple authentication sources.
  5. Advanced features for Linux and Mac users. With ConnectWise Control, agents get a personal Linux toolbox for remote execution of scripts and applications, and a Mac-exclusive window option for assistance and quick session-switching.

    What you will also like is the facilitated, drag-and-drop data transfer to Mac and Linux guests from Windows, Mac and Linux Machines.


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JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk is Atlassian’s best known customer service desk, and probably the best priced premium alternative on this list. With packages starting as low as $10 per month, JIRA Service Desk offers self-service,
automation, SLAs, CSAT reporting, and many other advanced features, and triggers machine learning to recommend the right services and responses for every interaction. It is DevOps-friendly, as it can be easily connected to other JIRA applications, and let developer teams collaborate in real time, and push changes with confidence.

The ITSM-friendly support platform also comes with multiple ITIL-certified templates for incident, problem, and change management.

What is unique about JIRA Service Desk?

  1. Issue tracking system. JIRA service desk is primarily deployed as a software development issue tracking tool by many software companies and has proven to be effective in identifying and tracking software bugs and their location.

    It is ideal for ITSM & change management teams, as it comes with ITIL-certified templates you can customize to your wish.

  2. Advanced self-service portal. Customers can submit their requests via tickets or handle their own concerns via the JIRA Service Desk customer self-service portal.

    Best customer support options

    The portal works in 8 different languages.

  3. Built for DevOps. JIRA Service Desk can be linked easily to JIRA Software, and make it possible for IT and developer teams to collaborate on one platform, and fix issues easier and in a more synchronized manner.
  4. No expensive setup and configuration.

    JIRA Service Desk comes with preconfigured IT and customer service templates, suggested automation rules and business processes, and built in email support, which means you won’t need professional assistance to get it up and running.

  5. Multi-channel assistance.

    JIRA Service Desk lets you be there for your customers whenever they need you, across Web, email and mobile.

11. AzureDesk

AzureDesk is a popular online support software that will customize easily to all your ticketing needs. The secret of its almost instant success was delivering enterprise-class features at a minimal price, as the pioneer software introduced reliable service for everyone, with no other requirements but a stable internet connection and your device.

Automate your customer service process with Zoho Desk

It will let you keep a close eye on customers’ requests on several channels, convert emails to tickets and manage them in a preferred way, and offer solutions around the clock.

On top of that, AzureDesk will please you with detailed insights and reports on your agents’ performance, and enable agent signatures for a more personalized approach.

What is unique about AzureDesk?

  1. Handles complex ticketing needs. AzureDesk makes it easy to assign tickets to the right agents and agent groups, and categorize them with tags to ensure they’re understandable.

    This way, AzureDesk caters to the needs of companies with large ticket volumes and a number of email addresses.

  2. Update notifications.

    With AzureDesk,  all updates made on the ticket are sent to the user as notifications, except of the private notes that are exclusively visible to the team.

    All responses coming from customers are then added to the ticket as comments.

  3. Measures all important metrics. AzureDesk measures all vital metrics such as tickets per agent, tickets per customer, average response time, and many more. On the dashboard, you will also find a handy filter to set dates and drill into details.
  4. A personalized ticket-solving approach. Using the feature called Agent Signature, agents can make their replies more personal, and give out personal information such as names, emails, and contact phones.
  5. Well integrated, open API system.

    AzureDesk works in synergy with many popular software solutions, including Freshbooks, Zendesk, JIRA, and Asana. You can also use its open API to build custom connections.

12. Freshservice

Our list suggests another Freshworks product, which unlike its compact help desk predecessor Freshdesk, focuses on delivering IT service solutions in cloud. The relatively new, but very successful service is simple to configure and even simpler to use, and comes with a modern, zero-training UI  designed with non-IT users in mind.

Freshservice automates routine tasks and provides support for issues raised via email, self-service portal, phone, chat, or in person. Using it, your agents will not only be able to collaborate, but also benefit from a number of gamification features that boost engagement and competitiveness in the team.

Last, but not least, Freshservice comes with a native mobile app for Android and iOS, so that it would keep all vital information at your fingertips.

What is unique about Freshservice?

  1. Plug-and-Play ITIL.

    Freshservice’s plug and play ITIL complies with best practices and does not need an expert opinion or consultation. The CMDB keeps all configuration items, change logs and relationships in one place.

  2. Field templates for custom ticketing. Freshservice’s advanced ticketing system is fully customizable, thanks to a number of field templates. It is also equipped with smart notifications, service levels and escalations, proactive alerts.
  3. Self-service ticketing. Freshservice ships with a self-service portal that lets end users raise tickets, check status of older tickets, get notifications, request new services and browse knowledge base articles.

    A handy feature suggests accurate articles contextually from the knowledge base.

  4. A service catalog. Freshservice’s service catalog is designed to look and work like a modern eCommerce portal. This makes it easier for end users to request new services.
  5. A dedicated mobile app.

    Freshservice’s mobile app lets IT teams work even when on the move. This has enabled teams to resolve IT issues with great speed and focus on customer satisfaction.

13. Front

Front is the shared team inbox that brings all your messages from email, live website chat, SMS texting, social media, and more into one place. Front allows your team to give better, faster service by putting your group emails, like [email protected], into a shared inbox, available to everyone who needs it.

When one person replies and resolves an issue, the message is archived for the whole team.

Since all your apps are in one place, you don’t have to switch back and forth, share logins, or hunt for customer information from multiple places. Advanced features like message assignments, canned responses and internal chat that lives and stays in each message thread help your team handle high message volume and serve customers better.

Meanwhile, you can easily connect it to all of your other apps, like CRMs, project management tools, and internal databases to keep customer information up-to-date automatically.

Front makes support a collaborative effort, uniting your team and helping you keep your focus on the customer.

What is unique about Front?

  1. Hassle-free navigation. Front does not require users to learn anything new and users familiar with other email clients can start implementing the app right away.
  2. A suite of advanced features.

    It offers a variety of advanced features like keyboard shortcuts, automatic rules, canned answers, reminders, sent-later messages, and more to increase productivity.

  3. Automated actions & responses. It automates actions after conversations meet predefined criteria, while automatic reminders ensure that no conversation goes unanswered.
  4. Real-time collision detection features. Real-time collision detection features help prevent situations in which more than one team member responds to the same conversation.

    At the same time, advanced analytics and complete visibility into team inboxes help in making better and more informed decisions.

  5. Reliable support. Customer service is friendly and knowledgeable and will provide setup assistance.


Best customer support options

Help Scout

Help Scout is a very straightforward platform designed to support and educate end customers, and a tool you can employ both as an adept email manager, and an end-to-end help desk hub.

In the role of a help desk, Help Scout aims to personalize each and every interaction, and to supply you with multiple shared mailboxes for a seamless collaboration. As an email management system, on the other hand, Help Scout will keep you in control of all customer requests, and provide features such as collision detection, tagging, saved replies, and notes to help agents develop a more professional approach.

All along, Help Scout will track and compare key support metrics, so that you can evaluate the performance of your employees, and capture important trends and opportunities.

What is unique about Help Scout?

  1. Shortened resolution time. The system helps users communicate with clients in an easy and fast manner, providing them with professional and reliable service via multiple different channels.

    This way, they won’t undergo a long and frustrating resolution process.

  2. Ideal collaboration hub for large teams.  From an agent’s perspective, Help Scout is the ideal collaboration hub where they can consult each other on customer requests, using an Internal Note right before they’ve provided a response to the query.
  3. Powerful Work Builder.

    As a fully customizable system, Help Scout comes with a powerful builder where you can create and automate workflow processes, and make the system work in line with your business rules.

  4. Multiple knowledge bases. Help Scout makes it possible to create and host rich knowledge bases, where the user can also import data using some of the powerful integrations.
  5. Free plan.

    Help Scout’s pricing scheme is very flexible and designed to serve companies from various scales and industries, while the company also offers a free plan suitable for small teams and startups.

15. Issuetrak

Issuetrak also deserves a place on the list of most compact help desk solutions because of its agility, and the chance to tweak it to your exact specifications. It perfectly suits businesses with multiple processes and departments, as it makes it easier to manage corporate data, identify weak points and negative support patterns, and develop better practices on how to fix reported bugs.

You can even use it as a platform where you will build other tools – it comes with platform-as-a-service features and IoT learning that will help you adjust it to your needs regardless of how your business develops.

What is unique about Issuetrak?

  1. End-to-end help desk. Issuetrak is an agile and very flexible help desk platform that caters to all users’ ticketing needs, and can easily be shaped to fit their operations management tools and specific business needs.
  2. Asset monitoring.

    Issuetrak comes with optional modules that let you monitor PC and non-PC assets, initiate web surveys to your users and customers, and create work orders and invoices.

  3. Ticket statistics.

    Issuetrak is built for leveraging issue ticket statistics to improve the bottom line. IT directors use the system to analyze multiple processes and departments, and to provide corporate management with data about what is delivering results and what appears to be falling short, so that bugs can be fixed and better practices replicated.

  4. Multiple customization options. With Issuetrak, users can provide input and update their own issues, and are encouraged to engage in the continuing development of the platform via suggestions, which are taken to consideration.
  5. Scalability. In machine-to-machine (IoT) where entities are tracking entities, the platform-as-a-service feature of Issuetrak springboards future developments that can be applied across many other aspects as businesses evolve.


Best customer support options


GoToAssist can be described as an all-in-one service desk and remote support system for businesses from different scales and industries. According to satisfied customers, GoToAssist boost efficiency and productivity by as much as 70%, as it enables them to serve more customers at a time without expensive installations, and makes use of enhanced client relationship to record significant increases in customer retention.

It decreases the overall costs of customer support without compromising its quality, helping businesses excel at their resolution rates, and providing support on all devices and locations. If running a business oriented towards international audiences, GoToAssist can be a real life-savior.

What is unique about GoToAssist?

  1. Live support. In one click, users can convert a phone session into an online support session.

    They can control end users’ Mac and PC devices.

  2. Remote support via mobile devices. With GoToAssist, users can provide remote support from any iPhone/iPad and Android device. They can conduct chat sessions, configure mobile devices, and update profiles.
  3. Session reporting.

    How We Evaluated Customer Support Software

    Using GoToAssist, agents can take notes during the session, track the time spent, record sessions and download them to their archive for auditing and training.

  4. Multi-session support. GoToAssist enables multi-session for up to eight customers at a time, file transfer, and reboot/reconnect.

    You can also invite other support agents to a session and transfer sessions.

  5. Team management center. With GoToAssist in your toolkit, you can delegate jobs to multiple technicians at once, grant them permissions, and choose the unattended machines they can access.


ManageEngine Service Desk

ManageEngine Service Desk is an IT help desk solution for professionals that has been on the market for over a decade. With millions of users on its client list, ManageEngine is certainly a reputed provider of customer support services, and a very result-oriented system that doesn’t require extensive training. The tool comes with the best-practice ITSM workflows, and integrates easily with with leading IT management systems to acquire all functionality you need.

You will also like it because of its advanced reporting capabilities, code-less customization, and flexible deployment options (on premise or in cloud).

What is unique about ManageEngine Service Desk?

  1. A variety of support channels. ManageEngine gives customers a variety of communication channels, and uncompromised, immediate access to your services.

    Best customer support options

    They can reach out for you any time and from any location.

  2. Best-practice ITSM workflows.

    ManageEngine Service Desk employs best-practice ITSM workflows to let you fully customize your helpdesk until it looks the way you want it.

  3. Robust knowledge base for end customers.  With ManageEngine Service Desk, end users get a solid knowledge  base with an unlimited number of articles, and a web-based service portal to report their incidents and to submit tickets.
  4. Efficient asset management. With ManageEngine, you can trigger the power of an agent-based scanning procedure, and fast and reliable auto discovery operations.

    It is exactly the insights in their network that help them manage sudden IT infrastructure changes, an option that is rarely provided by traditional help desks.

  5. Remote support features. ManageEngine offers remote support, which means that your agents will be able to assist all users regardless of their locations, and modify specifications according to their distinctive working processes.



Helpshift is another modern tool that can help you deliver personalized, interactive, and on point support for your digital audience.

The system powers top brands such as Microsoft, WordPress, VIACOM, Honeywell, and many others, and prides itself with years of hands-on experience on building the perfect support tool.

It helps companies self-serve their customers with live and native FAQs, puts in place robust and searchable knowledge bases, and makes use of smart segmentation technologies to engage target users with the right messages. It will also instantly identify users and supply you with all necessary information, so that you have the clear picture of how you can be helpful to them.

Helpshift is also available in several different languages, which makes it ideal for remote teams and international companies.

What is unique about Helpshift?

  1. Smart segmentation.

    Helpshift’s Smart Segmentation allows app developers and their customer support teams to organize, sort, and process issues of web and mobile app users based on tags and other criteria. This also enables them to assign tickets to specific agents based on topic, language, or priority.

  2. Chat bots. Helpshift’s chat bots are used to reduce the number of incoming support requests from app users that need to be handled by agents, as well as to collect valuable customer information.
  3. Powerful FAQ pages.

    The in-app FAQ pages support international languages, and they are used by customers to quickly search answers for their questions. Helpshift’s FAQs are fully searchable from mobile devices, and customers can use them even in offline mode. They can even contain images and videos, and be enriched with customer suggestions.

  4. Very scalable platform. Helpshift aids project managers, C-level executives, app developers, and customer support managers simplify their customer support operations for their web and mobile app users.
  5. Available in multiple languages.

    Phone Support and Call back

    Helpshift is available in several different languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and more.

19. SupportBee

SupportBee is a compact help desk solution that will cater to your email support and ticketing needs, and drive more efficiency along your way without complex expenditure.

Its neat interface is highly reminiscent of Gmail, which means that even first-time users will find it understandable and intuitive. Next to all core ticketing capabilities, SupportBee will also offer a native mobile app for Android and iOS users, and an open API infrastructure that helps connect it to any third-party system or application. The fees are not calculated per agent, which makes this product suitable for larger and collaboration-oriented teams.

What is unique about SupportBee?

  1. Focused on email support. With SupportBee, you can assemble emails from various addresses and contact forms in a single support hub, and make sure they’re all answered correctly and in time.
  2. Brings your team together. SupportBee offers multiple team collaboration features, giving you the ability to leave private comments in support email threads, tag specific colleagues and receive email notification comments.
  3. Filters for faster routing. You can use the SupportBee’s filters to quickly automate the task of routing customer emails to specific company agents, departments, or teams and use labels such as important or urgent to specify priority levels.
  4. Overview reports. SupportBee also provides overview reports on your ticket statuses as well as other KPIs.

    You can further drill down reports for more comprehensive information or use the reports API so you can define your own reports.

  5. Multiple integrations. SupportBee  integrates with a vast number of apps for project management, bug tracking, and more.

    Integrations include PipeDrive, Capsule CRM, CRM, GitHub, HipChat, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Zoho CRM, Jira, Insightly, Asana, and many more.

20. Moobidesk

Moobidesk is an omnichannel customer support platform that features one of the largest selection of support channels. The software lets you engage customers at their preferred communication channel such as SMS, email, calls or various social media networks. All requests are consolidated in a centralized interface, helping your support teams easily address their concerns.

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For consistent quality support, the software creates a customer profile that records all past histories and interactions. This can help your support team provide smart and informed responses for answering their inquiries or making any upsell or cross-sell efforts.

Moreover, your customers will no longer need to repeat their concerns due to the software’s audit trail.

What is unique about Moobidesk?

  1. Wide list of supported communication channels. Provide consistent support on any support channel.
  2. Broadcast messagingDeliver bulk messages to your customers.
  3. AI-powered chatbot. Deploy chatbots to handle mundane customer inquiries so that your support team can focus their attention on more complicated cases.
  4. Smart responses. The software has a built-in AI that analyzes customer messages to supply your agents with the best possible response.
  5. Audit trail. Get your support teams up to speed with the history and past interactions of each customer.

    The software creates a customer profile to help your agents quickly see the full picture.

By Nestor Gilbert

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