Beida Jade Bird Universal Fire Alarm Ipo Price

Beida jade bird universal fire alarm ipo price

Fire alarm panel demonstration


Traded as
SEHK: 8095(H share)
unlisted(A share)
IndustryManufacturing, Tourism
Founded29 March 2000 (2000-03-29)
FounderJade Bird Software consortium
Headquarters3/F Beida Jade Bird Building,




Area served

mainland China
Productselectronic fire equipment
ServicesSoftware, tourism
Revenue CN¥1.072 billion (2015)

Operating income

CN¥284.2 million (2015)

Net income

CN¥76.0 million (2015)
Total assets CN¥2.279 billion (2015)
Total equity CN¥1.293 billion (2015)
Jade Bird Software consortium(24.05%)
Jade Bird Software employee(17.34%)
Grand East (H.K.)( 9.28%)
Mongolia Energy( 7.14%)
AR Asia Special Strategies Fund( 4.22%)
Footnotes / references
in a consolidated basis, excluding minority interest[1]

Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. known as Jade Bird Universal is a Chinese listed company.

It manufactured electronic fire equipment, as well involved in tourism industry and other equity investments. The largest shareholder of Jade Bird Universal is the non-wholly-owned subsidiaries of Peking University.

Jade Bird Universal was a former constituent of Hang Seng China Enterprises Index from 10 August 2000[2][3] to 3 October 2001.[3]


Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech, known as Jade Bird Universal (pinyin: qīngniǎo huányǔ) once had an intermediate parent company "Beijing Beida Yuhuan Microelectronic System Engineering" (Chinese: 北京市北大宇环微电子系统工程).

Beida jade bird universal fire alarm ipo price

Yuhuan (Chinese: 宇环) and Huanyu (Chinese: 环宇) literally a word play of the Chinese word Universal (Chinese: 环宇).

Like other sister companies, they all bear the brand "Beida Jade Bird", "Jade Bird", "PKU Jade Bird" or "Peking University Jade Bird"


Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. was incorporated on 29 March 2000.

Beida jade bird universal fire alarm ipo price

In the same year the company was registered in Hong Kong as a foreign company. Before initial public offering, the share capital (70 million number of shares of CN¥1 each) were owned by a subsidiary of Heng Huat Investments (employee ownership of Jade Bird Software) for 31.43% shares, Jade Bird Software subsidiaries (Beijing Jade Bird, Jade Bird Software System, Beida Yuhuan Microelectronic System Engineering) for 33.57% shares, Beijing Tianqiao Beida Beida Jade Bird Sci-Tech (SSE: 600657), an associate company of Jade Bird Software for 10.71%, Mongolia Energy Corporation (formerly known as New World Cyberbase) for 10.00%, a private equity fund AR Asia Special Strategies Fund for 7.14%, as well as private investors Dragon Air Investments (NOT related to Dragonair) and Hinet (NOT related to Chunghwa Telecom) for 4.29% and 2.86% respectively.[4] The IPO issued at first 24 million H shares for HK$11 each.[2]

As at 31 December 2015 the H shares had expanded to 484.8 million with CN¥0.1 each in par value.[1]


As of 31 December 2015[1]
  • Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech (Cayman) Development (100%)
  • Beida Jade Bird Universal Fire Alarm Device (51%)
  • Beijing Jade Bird Universal Fire System Software Service (51%)
  • Chuanqi Tourism Investment (60%)
  • Hengsheng Investment Management (55%)
  • Si Chuan Jiu Yuan Intelligent Surveillance (38%)
  • PWC Winery (75%)


Peking University via various subsidiaries, owned 24.05% shares in total as the largest shareholder as at 31 December 2015: 9.71% shares were held by Beijing Beida Jade Bird directly; Beijing Beida Jade Bird itself was 46% owned by Jade Bird Software [zh]; Jade Bird Software itself was 48% owned by Peking University.

An additional 7.17% shares were held by Shenzhen Beida Jade Bird Sei-Tech, a subsidiary (90%) of Beijing Beida Jade Bird; an additional 7.17% shares were held by another indirect subsidiary (46%) of Jade Bird Software: Haikou Jade Bird Yuanwang Sci-Tech Development; the shares held by "Jade Bird Shenzhen" would be transferred to "Jade Bird Haikou".[1]

The second largest shareholder was Heng Huat Investments for 17.34% shares (a company for employee-ownership); it was followed by "Grand East (H.K.)" (Chinese: 怡興(香港)) for 9.28%, Mongolia Energy Corporation for 7.14% and AR Asia Special Strategies Fund (via subsidiary Asian Technology Investment) for 4.22%.[1]


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Beida jade bird universal fire alarm ipo price