Apex Legends Best Options For Streaming

Apex legends best options for streaming

We’ve been saying it for a while now, but if you ask us (and the overwhelming majority of professionals that we analyze) 144 frames per second is the current minimum standard for competitive gaming refresh rates.

Entry-level 144Hz monitors are getting cheaper and cheaper, and something like the BenQ Zowie XL2411 is an ideal esports monitor for people on a tighter budget.

Apex legends best options for streaming

Do be wary that in order to get the best out of a higher refresh rate monitor you’ll want to make sure that your PC can handle pushing the required amount of frames. There’s no need to have a state of the art 240Hz gaming monitor if your PC is only pushing 40 frames per second to said monitor.

Regardless; professional gamers are always out to get the most fluid experience possible, which is why almost every professional (in every game) that we’ve analyzed is using a monitor that’s capable of pushing at least 144 frames per second and a system with a dedicated graphics card that push enough frames to said monitor.

Getting a high framerate is pretty much essential if you’re looking to play games at the competitive level, not only because you’ll want to be running a 144Hz (or higher) monitor to get that smooth image but also because of the fact that higher framerates give less input latency.

Someone who’s gaming at 60 frames per second will experience end to end latencies between 55 and 75 milliseconds while someone who’s gaming on a rig that’s pushing 240 frames per second has a latency between 20-35 milliseconds (regardless of what kind of display you’re hooked up to).


We’ve been analyzing what systems and graphics cards the professionals are using. You can see the three most popular cards (along with the expected average fps they’ll produce on our recommended settings) to the right.

Apex legends best options for streaming

The RTX 2080 Ti is currently the most powerful graphics card out there, so if you want the absolute maximum amount of frames you can go for that, though that one’s obviously not a budget card. If you’re interested in the GPU side of things you can read the full guide here.

Apex legends best options for streaming