80 Accurate Binary Options Indicator

80 accurate binary options indicator

UOP Binary Options Indicator Demo - Winning Ratios 75% to 80 Accuracy

Hello Ladies and Gentleman.


This strategy or soon to be a strategy is based on an indicator I found on fxprosystems.com I don’t take credit for this indicator in any shape or form. 


When running th back tester the win % on most pairs is over 80%.  So far its been accurate for me on 1min time frame with 60-120sec expiries. The nice thing about this package is that it comes with a back testing indicator.

If one was to trust the programming behind it, the results are AWESOME.


I changed the setting of RSI and stochastics from 80-20 to 70-30 since I was not getting many signals with the default settings.

80 accurate binary options indicator

If we were to trust the backtester  the % of wins did not suffer but I was able to get a lot more signals. The package comes with RSI setting of 14, I have copied the indicator and also added signals with both RSI 7 and 14 settings (these setting need to be tested)


The way I have been trading it:


TMF: 1 min

Expiries: 60-120sec

Enter: when the arrow is on for the first 20 -30 seconds of the candle

                This is where I’m hoping we can all contribute to make this a strategy

                         ------- is it better to enter when the signal comes on or wait till a few seconds till candle close?

                         ------- 60 sec or 120 expiry?


My rules so far: I don't take trades on a doji and try to take trades only on the longer candles.





Many traders know that if the indicator works well in Forex, means and on binary options trading it can also show good results.

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One of such is DeltaForce Indicator. I had previously written about this indicator, but applied to forex trading. Today we look at DeltaForce Indicator applied to binary options trading.

Characteristics of the DeltaForce Indicator
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Any major currency pair
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any (recommended M5 or M15)
  • Expiry: 15 minutes for M5, for others - on the basis of tests (see below)
Rules of trade by DeltaForce Indicator

At occurrence blue up arrow immediately buy investment CALL:

At occurrence red arrow down immediately buy investment PUT:


Because DeltaForce Indicator not repaints, so there is no need to wait for the closure of the signal candle.

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We make an investment at a moment when appeared a signal. Moreover, this increases our chances of success than if we opened a position on the next candle.

In archive with the DeltaForce Indicator you can download additional indicator DFTrue, which is intended only for testing.

For this you simply need to install on the chart of the currency pair template DeltaForce Indicator for BackTest and set the expiration in the settings of DFTrue indicator.

80 accurate binary options indicator

In this manner I tested the 10 currency pairs with the timeframe M5 and expiry 15 minutes. The results on the images and in the table below (images are enlarged when clicked):


Asset and TF Wins Ties Losses Total Percentage EURCHF M5 46 1 6 53 86.792 EURGBP M5 57 0 13 70 81.428 EURJPY M5 87 0 33 120 72.5 EURUSD M5 58 0 21 79 73.417 GBPUSD M5 52 0 19 71 73.239 NZDUSD M5 57 2 12 71 80.281 USDCAD M5 58 0 21 79 73.417 USDCHF M5 69 1 21 91 75.824 USDJPY M5 64 0 16 80 80 AUDUSD M5 66 0 13 79 83.544 TOTAL614417579377.427


As you can see, the results are great (Total percentage - 77%).

But DeltaForce Indicator has one disadvantage - it gives a very small number of signals. Therefore it is recommended to install it on the maximum possible number of currency pairs, indices and commodities.

Very important! For a successful trade with DeltaForce Indicator requires broker that does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread.



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80 accurate binary options indicator