Secrets Of Forex Millionaires Yeo Keong Hee

Secrets of forex millionaires yeo keong hee

Last month, i went traveling to Singapore for a weeks with my family.

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During the 5th day, i visited Kinokuniya Book Store in Takashimaya, Orchard Road. I bought two books that time.

Secrets of forex millionaires yeo keong hee

Both of them is local books that discuss about Forex Trading. Because i was in Singapore that time, so i decide to buy some books that written by Singapore trader. One of them is Peak Performance Forex Trading that written by Yeo Keong Hee, CFA.

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Today i just finished read the book and i will write a little review and comment about it.

Peak Performance Forex Trading actually is the second book that written by Yeo Keong Hee.

His first book entitled “Secrets of Forex Millionaires“.

Secrets of Forex Millionaires by Yeo Keong Hee Book Review & Key Takeaways

This book becomes the national best-seller. And he wrote this second book to give more perspective to forex trader about what the difference between average trader and successful trader.

Secrets of forex millionaires yeo keong hee

So… Who is Yeo Keong Hee? He is one of the wealth trainers at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group.

Yeo Keong Hee Forex Course Review | Yeo Keong Hee Forex Kurs.

Adam Khoo is one of the top motivation training guru in Singapore. I also have several of his books. Yeo Keong Hee is a trainer who is an expert in Forex Trading field.

His phenomenal achievements in trading was multiplying a USD 10,000 account into well over USD 300,0000 in just one year! This is what seems to make the book so selling in Singapore.

Based on my opinion, Peak Performance Forex Trading discusses more about psychology than trading system.

This book discuss more about what make most of forex trader fail in currency market.

Secrets of forex millionaires yeo keong hee

The thing that distinguishes average trader and successful trader is the psychology and mindset. As you can see in my previous about 5 Level of Forex Trader, you will understand that being a successful forex trader is not just find the good trading system, but has a correct mindset about trading itself.

This book contain of 7 chapter.

Book Review : Peak Performance Forex Trading by Yeo Keong Hee

Actually there are only 6 chapter, because the last chapter is just the summary of all chapter in the book. I think the most important chapter from this book is in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Both chapters discuss about the wrong mentality of most forex traders.

Chapter 1 (The Get Rich Quick Hype in Forex Trading) of this book discuss about the wrong mentality of average forex trader.

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The most common one is the “Holy-Grail” Mentality. Many people believe that there are some mysterious trading system that gives a formula or a secret for generating millions with little or no risk. Keong Hee explain about how greed and fear will constantly tend to cause bad trading decisions.

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He also stress the importance of cut loss and let the profit run. In theory, this seems easy and this thing is often overlooked by most traders.

Chapter 2 (Winning Traders Think Differently!) discuss more about several psychological obstacles that influence trading process at the subconscious level of mind, like the need to be right, impact of small numbers, opinions of majority, the appeal of sophistication, excessive need of understanding, etc.

Secrets of Forex Millionaires

Keong Hee give several example that we usually encounter during our trading activity every day, like what we choose between two scenarios below.

1. A sure loss of 20%, or
2. A 5% chance of no loss at all, plus a 95% chance of a 25% loss

The scenarios like above frequently mentioned Keong Hee to make us understand about what we usually do subconsciously.

Chapter 3 (Choosing Forex System) discuss more about forex trading system.

Personally, i think this is the common trading system that you can find easily on the internet.


Keong Hee explain several type of forex system, starting from Trend Follower (Trend Reversal, Breakout Trends, Fibonacci, Divergence), Range Bound (Peak and Valleys, Volatility Bands, Trend-lines) and Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 4 (The Importance of Exit Strategies) discuss different type of Exit strategies both for Stop Loss and Taking Profit.

There is a useful explanation in this chapter, where Keong Hee stress more about evaluation in relation of stop loss to profit target.

The width of a stop and take profit will influence the success rate of the trading system.

Secrets of forex millionaires yeo keong hee

There are a lot of traders who have 80% win rate but end up losing money.

Chapter 5 (The Essence of Risk Control) discuss more about psychology of risk.

The most important knowledge we can get from this chapter is about the wrong understanding among forex trader about diversification and how to decide how many lots to trade every entry setup appear.

Chapter 6 (Optimizing the Growth of Your Trading Account) discuss about Money Management. There is a statement said that “Even a good trading strategy can lose money with bad money management“.


Keong Hee explain about the importance of good money management. From this chapter, we can also learn about how to measure how good a trading system. It’s based on two important element, Return to Risk Ratio and Win Rate

In general, there are many things you can learn from this book. However, once again I emphasize that this is not a book that explain about good trading system, but explain more about the most important thing that successful forex trader have.

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It’s the correct mindset.

If you are forex trader who still keep losing every time and keep switch from one system to another system, i recommend you to read this book.

If you already trade forex for years and haven’t found the holy grail system, then you also must read this book.

Rate : 7 / 10

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