Forex Tading Freelancer Taxes In Germany

Forex tading freelancer taxes in germany

Are there any gift, wealth, estate, and/or inheritance taxes in Germany?

Inheritance and gift tax is assessed on the transfer of property by reason of death, gifts during lifetime, and transfers for certain specified purposes, as well as on the net worth of certain family foundations or trusts.

Worldwide assets are potentially liable to this tax if the transferor or the transferee is resident in Germany at the relevant time.

Forex tading freelancer taxes in germany

Otherwise, it applies only to assets situated in Germany.

Taxable transfers of property are subject to inheritance and gift tax at graduated rates, depending on the value of the property and the family relationship of the respective individuals. The rates vary from 7 percent up to 50 percent.

Since 1997, there has been no net worth tax in Germany.

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