Forex Multi Time Frame Currency Strength Meter

Forex multi time frame currency strength meter

Designed for the iPhone.

Find the best trades with this fast, accurate, low-latency, Currency Strength Meter for your iPhone.

Currency Strength Meter and Multi Time Frame Candles-Forex-NinjaTrader-Indicator

Real-time plus historical data, multiple time-frames, proprietary currency strength indicator algorithm plus more.

A Forex trading tool suited for day-traders as well as longer term position/swing traders.

Currency strength is calculated in Real-Time using data from 15-20 foreign currency pairs.

How can we improve?

The strength values are reported on a scale of 0 to 10.

Currency Strength Charting.


View currency strength charts in any Time Frame. Display or hide any currency by tapping the screen.

Forex multi time frame currency strength meter

A great way to detect emerging currency strength trends.

Multiple Time Frames.

4 Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Quickly switch between one of 4 currency strength measurement intervals.

Suits both the intra-day and longer term trader.

Historical Data Viewer.

View currency strength history for each of the 4 time frames, using the unique Look-Back slider feature.

Forex multi time frame currency strength meter