Forex Affiliate Revenue Share

Forex affiliate revenue share

Do you want to create lifetime passive income?

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Vs Revenue Share, Which is the Best?

One of the methods to create this kind of income is using of revenue share Forex affiliate programs. This is a very lucrative and long-lasting method to really create some serious foundation for long-term income.

Let’s see what do to in order to be successful.

What does it mean to be a Forex affiliate?

If you wonder what really means to be an affiliate partner, it is good to know few things.

Forex affiliate revenue share

First of all, you must find a reliable forex broker who offers affiliate programs. You will find them online and by searching for recommendations from other people who are already using the programs.

When you become an affiliate, you are responsible for effective leads to the broker’s website.

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You are there to offer some new knowledge or interesting ways of attraction, so the customers can go to the broker with certainty that they will make profit there. It is your job to direct them to the right place.

Once you find the right broker, it is time to negotiate some basic facts.

Forex affiliate revenue share

Decide which type of program you want to choose. There are few possible options.

What are the types of Forex affiliate programs ?

We have three main types of affiliate programs you can choose from.

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The most popular are:

1. Franchising

You are doing franchising when you open a filial branch as part of broker’s brand.

What exactly is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) ?

As an affiliate, you are responsible for education and revealing of the main points about your broker. Your target are people from your region who want to know more about investments and rewards.

You can teach them through seminars and educational materials.

2. White Label

This kind of Forex affiliate programs is reserved for a company that has intention to become a unique Forex broker within the same brand.

Affiliate Forex program "Revenue Share"

At the same time, the company usually does not have resources and knowledge, and that is why it turns to authoritative broker for quotations stream, software solutions and other materials. This way, you get a new company that is new for the customers, but old in the structure, because the same old and established broker opens a company with a new name and new intentions on the market.


Introducing Broker

Most broker partners are using this system, because it is very simple and effective. Here, you can get a referral link from a broker and you can place the link all over the place; on your social networks, blogs, websites and all other places where you operate with your affiliate business. If you are skillful enough, you will attract new customers that will click the link and register as traders.

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All these methods offer different structure, but they have the same meaning – to attract people to join broker community where they can make profit and get new knowledge.

Become a partner

You, as an affiliate, have a purpose to gather more people around your place and direct them to the right broker.

What are effective ways of earning money from affiliate programs?

There are basically two most effective methods to earn money through Forex affiliate programs.

These are:


Forex affiliate revenue share

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

In this case, you earn commission for a certain activity that is negotiated between you and the broker. If your broker suggest that a lead has to sign in and deposit a minimum amount of money, you will earn a commission only if the lead does exactly these actions.

If they only sing up, and if you have 10 leads who only sing up without depositing money, you won’t earn commission. For this reason, you must clearly declare what the people should do when you direct them to the broker’s website.

B. Revenue Share

With revenue share, you can earn a lot of money in the long run.

Forex Affiliate Programs

This option could be a lifetime option to earn money continually, and you should consider it next time you negotiate with the broker.

With this option, you earn money every time when your leads trade on the market. Your revenue could be between 5% and 65%, depending on what your deal is.

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If your leads trade a lot, your revenues will be very lucrative, and this kind of profit can last for a long time, sometimes for a lifetime. If you make a lifetime program, you will be able to earn money every time your leads trade, which is guaranteed and secured long-term money.

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What details to pay attention to in revenue share programs?

In revenue share forex affiliate programs, you can choose between different options that can hugely affect your money flow.

Forex affiliate revenue share

Only a small difference in percent revenue or a tiny distinction in time periods of contract could change the overall perspective. For this reason, make a smart deal and apply good negotiating tactic that will lead you to the long-term earnings.

Lifetime passive income from Forex programs is possible with smart actions and some methods of attracting people.

If you already have your own community of people gathered around your site or social media profile, it is an ideal opportunity to start your own affiliate business.

Now, when you know the basics, it is time to apply solutions that will lead people to the broker’s website where they can trade and make additional profit.

What is Revenue Share ?

Every time when they trade on the market, you get the money and earn lucrative commissions from revenue share program.


Earning of passive income is easier if you apply the mentioned methods. Just like with any other business, the beginning could be hard and challenging, but once you learn the basics it all becomes automated. You are able to earn continuous amounts of money that can help you create complete financial freedom.

Be part of the affiliate community and start making money that will change your life forever.

Being a revenue sharing Forex affiliate is one of the best methods to earn lifetime passive income. Use this program and get yourself an opportunity to earn all day long for the rest of your life.

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