Best Travel Forex Card India

Best travel forex card india

Best travel forex card india

There are 4 types of Forex cards available in India that you can select based on your requirement:

  • Single Currency Forex Card

This is the most basic type of Forex Card that can be loaded with one currency which is USD and the payments can be done in that currency only.

It can be used in other countries too but for that, you’ll have to pay the cross-currency charges.

  • Multi-Currency Forex Card

This is a great option if you are traveling to multiple countries in a single trip.

Best travel forex card india

This card can be loaded with 23 currencies. One currency can be shuffled to another using this card.

This is the most preferred card for students studying on foreign land.

These cards can be loaded by their parents in India too.

Forex Cards in INDIA Ranked Worst to Best

Moreover, the cards can be used as a student identity card universally.

This is the card that feeds the unique Forex needs. As an example, the cards used by pilgrims visiting Hajj are specialized Forex Cards.