Why Researching Cryptocurrencies Isimportant

Why researching cryptocurrencies isimportant

Will 2020 be the year that the new threat to fiat currencies reaches maturity?

Stand by for cryptocurrencies 2.0.

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman sees much more potential in blockchain ID than payments at present.

Why researching cryptocurrencies isimportant

He's absolutely right.

With Wall Street slowly taking charge of crypto, the days of radical outsiders launching successful altcoins may be numbered.

The stage is set for central banks seeking to pull the rug from under Libra by issuing their own digital currencies.

Libra has lost seven of its 28 founding members – but don't expect that to hold it back.

Recent revelations about the lack of privacy protections in place at the companies on Libra’s foundation raise concerns about how much trust users can place in Facebook's new cryptocurrency.

Alarm bells should ring over a global currency that is run by an exclusive club that serves its investor-owners, not the public good.

Facebook's cryptocurrency and digital wallet will give it unprecedented access to personal data, with the power to take on Amazon and eBay.

Iran has long recognised the benefits of using cryptocurrencies to counter US sanctions.

Bitcoin trading is difficult to predict, but artificial neural networks may be able to discern patterns.

We go back to the basics and look at what Libra is, how it compares to other cryptocurrencies and whether you should be concerned about using it when it eventually arrives.

Why the coming generation of cryptocurrencies could force us to rethink the entire monetary system.

Plenty of Western officials and media outlets have criticized Libra – but it's not meant for them.

Tech giants like Facebook are at risk of joining the ranks of Compuserve and MCI Mail to be replaced with the next generation of organizing designed for new models of distributed trust.

A former senior economist with the Reserve Bank of Australia doubts Facebook's cryptocurrency will take control of monetary policy away from central banks.

Get it right and libra could be the world's first truly global currency.

Get it wrong, on the other hand ...

Facebook claims its new cryptocurrency will bring financial inclusion and opportunity to billions, pushing cash further to the fringes.

Cryptocurrency, cannabis and eco-conscious investing: What's ahead in 2020

Is that a good thing?

With the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency, Mark Zuckerberg reveals his dreams of building a new virtual country, perhaps inspired by the Roman Empire.

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are being co-opted by the very system they were designed to overthrow.