Passive Income Cryptocurrency Nano

Passive income cryptocurrency nano

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Bitmax Token (BTMX) is the native crypto token of exchange.

You can earn daily rewards in USDT by putting your BTMX in lock up.

Passive income cryptocurrency nano

You can always unlock it anytime you want if you decided to sell it for profit or something.

Below is an example of what reward you might get. A 5,288 BTMX was getting a daily reward of 0.35 USDT and an 18,825 BTMX was getting a daily reward of 1.24 USDT.

You might be thinking, only 0.35 USDT per day.

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But that 5,288 BTMX was bought on the 2019-03-14 at a price of $0.06, a total of $317.28. This was sold on the 2019-03-26 at the price of $0.34, a total of $1797.92.

A very good profit of $1480.64 (1797.92 – 317.28 = 1480.64)!!!

Passive income cryptocurrency nano


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