All Customers Buying Cryptocurrency In Australia

All customers buying cryptocurrency in australia

Where to buy bitcoins in Australia

Few of the best places to buy crypto Currency in Australia. In no order of preference:

  • CoinTree
    • This is one of the easiest and simplest way to buy bitcoins and any other crypto currencies in Australia.

      All customers buying cryptocurrency in australia

      The set up process is really simple, the verification process is the quickest from my experience. Even the pricing is reasonable compared to most of the other exchanges.

    • I tried the cash and POLI payments options, both are quick and easy to use.
    • I was able to buy bitcoins and other crypto currencies without any hassle.
  • Coinjar
    • Coinjar is one of the oldest exchanges in Australia who deal with crypto currencies.
    • The user interface is quite advanced and they also have a smartphone app which is quite user friendly.
    • The verification process is a bit tedious but its for the safety of the users.
    • The prices are a bit high compared to cointree.
    • Coinjar has a bounty program in case you are good at hacking and can provide any vulnerabilities before anybody else does.
  • CoinSpot
    • Coinspot is another service where you can buy bitcoins and other crypto coins using AUD.
    • The verification process is a bit slow and tedious.

      Not sure about the exact reason, may be there were a high volume of applicants when i applied for verification.

    • The payment option is through POLI.

      All customers buying cryptocurrency in australia

      It works very well during business hours, but after hours the POLI payments don’t work as per my experience.

    • The pricing is reasonable.
    • The best part is you can buy most of the crypto currencies directly using AUD. Unlike in cointree where you need to buy Bitcoin first and later convert to other crypto currencies like litecoin, dogecoin etc.
    • Be vary of the extremely high transaction fees.
  • Btcmarkets
    • Another Australian exchange
    • Cheapest among the rest.
    • Multiple payment options available.
    • Easy to use.
  • LocalBitcoins
    • This is a good place to buy bitcoins if you want to buy them quickly and for cash
    • One downside, even though the fees are less, there are not many people selling small quantity of bitcoins.
    • Most of the users selling here have a minimum order limitation which might be a turn off for few investors.
  • Remitano
    • Another service which uses escrow and bank transfers
    • iOS and Android Apps available.


There might be other players, but the above 4 are the key players in the australian market.

All customers buying cryptocurrency in australia