Best Breakfast Options In Mumbai

Best breakfast options in mumbai


Best breakfast options in mumbai

A good hearty breakfast is the best way to start your day! Mumbai is known for its restaurants, which always offer scrumptious hot meals. So any time you’re in Mumbai (and especially if you’re living there), here are a few best picks that you must visit to kick start the day!


Best breakfast options in mumbai

Udipi Shri Krishna

If you’re anywhere near Lower Parel, drop into Udipi Shri Krishna for their authentic Udipi South Indian Breakfast.

They not only offer great idlis and dosas, but also experiment with their menu. Try their  Seven Taste Uttapam (which they make by using Seven Ingredients).


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Think nothing sounds better than kebabs for breakfast? Well, Sarvi has the best seekh kebabs in Mumbai.


What’s more, don’t forget to taste their keema and mutton kebabs with half-fried eggs.

3. Cafe Madras

Situated in the bylanes of Matunga, this gem of a place offers you steaming hot, crispy medu vadas and other South Indian breakfast options.

Don’t forget to try their Mysore masala dosa and filter coffee to kick start the day.

4. Aaswad

Shivaji Park Area is known for its breakfast outlets.

Even though there are various street vendors selling hot breakfast, there is always a queue outside Aaswad. It’s a small restaurant that specializes in Maharashtrian breakfast, including Missal Paav, Kanda Poha, and homemade gourmet food.


1. Udipi Shri Krishna


Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sassanian is an undiscovered gem that serves an array of freshly baked bread with omelets and keema.

Best breakfast options in mumbai

We suggest their Akuri on toast, which is to die for.

6. Cafe Excelsior

This Irani cafe is just the place to go if you want an old-time Mumbai feel. They serve a delicious breakfast of keema paav and unique chai.

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Besides if you like to have a dessert for breakfast, definitely give their caramel custard a try.

7. Cafe Military

It’s the best place for piping-hot keema with eggs and chai.


Kyani & Co.

Another great Irani café.


Their in-house bakery has some of the best Mawa cakes. You also must try their keema ghotala for breakfast.

9. Olympia

Situated in the heart of Colaba, this old-time café serves a hearty breakfast.

Their Keema Ghotala with Bun Maska and Special Chai will make you feel warm inside.


Best breakfast options in mumbai

Good Luck Cafe

Good Luck Cafe serves the best and most affordable keema pav in the city. Since it’s situated next to a film studio, it’s frequently visited by the crew members from different production houses.

11. Mamaji Grill

Looking for something a little less greasy? Maybe something grilled, easy, and quick to eat? Head for Mamaji Grill and Pizza in Tardeo.

Oliver Bar & Kitchen

It’s known for its crisp, lip-smacking sandwiches. Here, you can customize your sandwich according to your taste and mood.

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Mainly a delivery joint to offices in Tardeo, this place also offers Jain versions of its sandwiches.

12. B. Merwans & Co.

This 100-year-old bakery and cafe proves that ‘old is gold’ isn’t just an expression. A favourite among joggers and commuters, this place has been making people happy for a very long time with its century-old, perfect recipes.

If you are around the Grant Road station, try this place out.

13. Ram Ashray

If you are a foodie but can’t afford to splurge, then this place is for you. For a quick fix to your hunger pangs, try their Butter Idli and Rava Uttapam.